Hottest Trend of Jewellery and Accessories in London, United Kingdom

Jewelry – a universal adornment has been used over hundreds of years. There has been evidence of jewelry that has been made from bones, stone, and shells used in the ancient world.

 (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Jewelry – a universal adornment has been used over hundreds of years. There has been evidence of jewelry that has been made from bones, stone, and shells used in the ancient world. Jewelry pieces were attached to clothes or body and included rings, brooches, earrings, bracelets to name a few. Materials such as gemstones, metal, and enamel have been used to create pieces that were used to adorn various body parts.

The discovery of metal works was an important turning point in jewelry making, as earlier prices were made of delicate materials and couldn’t last too long in the shape it was intended. With metals in the picture, the designs became more intricate and sophisticated. With the passing years, gems and precious metals became a sign of wealth and power, with nobility possessing more of such expensive pieces. However, the common class would also use jewelry but the base materials were cheaper, like copper.

The trends in jewelry have not changed but developed over time to include various designs. The jewelry has basically remained the same that is you still get brooches, rings, earrings, bracelets, or cufflinks, which were used earlier as well. It is only the pattern that has changed. Also, the way one wears a piece differs today and that is what can be seen from the latest trends in 2020. We look at the jewelry displays during the London Fashion Week for the current year to understand how jewelry trends have changed. The following are the highlights from the show.

Bright pieces – There was a lot of color in jewelry pieces designed and showcased during the fashion week. Bright rich colors and candy pastels, both dominated the jewelry designs. Colored jewelry pieces have been gaining in popularity over the years and this year shows that they are quite desired. The jewelry trends for 2020 do support the bold and vibrant designs in jewelry.

Pearls – Pearls are making a comeback and the London Fashion week had various jewelry pieces that featured them. They were used in earrings and headpieces. Pearls have long been a British favorite, often used in brooches, bracelets, and neckpieces. Jewelers have often used pearls in antique pieces and you can find some interesting ones with Hatton Garden jewellers in London. But today they aren’t just limited to jewelry as they are shown to be used in headpieces and other accessories in the fashion week. Pearl chokers and earrings will make great additions to your collection.

Hoop earrings–Hoop earrings are in fashion this season and still a thing. These pieces can be worn subtly or as a statement piece. Statement hoops have been a huge trend this season and one can wear it to work or casually. However, the new hoops are larger in size and thicker compared to the older designs.

Chunky and bold – The chunky chains have continued this season as a fashion accessory. The designs are super-size now and much chunkier. You will see the jewelry piece first before you see the person. These pieces can be necklaces or bracelets and can be worn casually and will look great with some jeans.

Natural stones – Raw gems are back in fashion and jewelry designers have been using them in statement pieces. They create good silhouettes and add some color to your outfits without too much bling. The classy designs can make for great additions to all kinds of clothes.

Shells – Jewellery made from shells have surprisingly made a comeback this season. The light jewelry – shell anklets and beach necklaces made a splash in earlier seasons, around 2018, but this year the pieces are larger and chunkier. The resurgence has been accepted by large names in the designer world like Prada and Ulla Johnson. Pearly conchs and shells of all sizes and shapes have been used to make quirky yet amazing pieces.

Natural – Jewellery or accessories made from natural materials such as thread or other organic material are quite popular this season. The natural material is light and gives a sort of a rugged look to jewelry. So, there won’t be any smooth surfaces, but the pieces do make a statement for summer.

The fashion also saw some other cool accessories and jewelry pieces that stood out such as corsages. They were used to add more panache to neutral colors and also added to the ensemble the model was wearing. Large statement earrings were also in focus, with designers using traditional and well as unconventional materials to create glamorous looks. Many of the designs took inspiration from flowers and animals. Necklaces, earrings, and rings did have designs that had some animal or flower added. The chatelaine also was featured to smartly add some metal to the clothes. If you are looking for some good designs, statement pieces in jewelry then London does have specialized markets or areas. And if you are visiting a honeymoon destination near London with your beloved, then you can pick something up for her and show some love.