How a new beauty start-up is changing the nail kit game

  (photo credit: FREEPIK.COM)
(photo credit: FREEPIK.COM)

Self-care has beneficial effects for both the body and the mind. Dedicating a few hours to yourself every month can work wonders, and that is exactly what one company had in mind when developing TrySprig – the ultimate nail kit.

The revolutionary, all-natural kit is transforming the nail care game, and thousands of women have already discovered the benefits of this unique product. The kit is designed to heal nails from the inside out and make them stronger than ever;

Transforming Nails within Minutes with TrySprig

Our hands perform many chores throughout the day; we use them for work, home maintenance, and numerous other tasks. Aside from the skin on our hands, our nails are also affected by the various chores we perform daily.

As a result, nails become thinner, weaker, and more brittle. To help get back the nails' natural shine and strength, TrySprig has developed a natural nail kit that contains potent natural ingredients that transform nails within minutes.

For the best possible results, the TrySprig nail kit also contains tools for a complete nail care routine:

Professional-grade nail filer

As part of nail care, it is important to trim nails; this helps prevent the formation of ridges and nail splits. The nail filer by TrySprig allows you to shape your nails and keep them at a healthy length.

Buffer block

Nail salons have long been using buffer blocks for manicures. A buffer block has 3 sides, each with a different grit level, that is used to buff the nails. Using the 3-way buffer by TrySprig has the same results as in the nail salons. 

The buffer files, shines, and smooths the surface of the nails; when using nail polish or when wearing false nails, buffing the nails is necessary; this simple action removes chemical and glue residues that hinder healthy nail growth, and the professional-grade buffer from TrySprig provides flawless results with each use.

All-natural, cruelty-free cuticle conditioner

A revolutionary product that utilizes the power of nature to improve nail health. The conditioner contains Japanese seaweed, Aloe Vera, Lavender oil, Goji berry, shea butter, cocoa butter, vitamin E, and Vitamin A. The potent concoction of vitamins, minerals, natural oils, and anti-oxidants repairs nail damage – such as splits and brittle nails.

As the ingredients come in contact with the nail, they begin to repair damages and promote healthy nail growth. Within one use, the cuticle conditioner provides visible results with its signature shine. After several uses, the nails become visibly stronger, as ridges and splits disappear.

Who Can Use TrySprig?

TrySprig is suitable for anyone who wants stronger fingernails and toenails. If you apply nail polish regularly, your nails come in contact with various chemicals. Also, removing nails polish with Acetone and nail polish remover weakens your nails.

The application of false nails with various adhesives is another common reason for nail weakening and breakage. Trimming and buffing nails, and using the TrySprig nail cuticle regularly reverses the harsh effects of chemicals, and it heals the nails, making them stronger along the way.

Nail Damage Causes

Aside from the use of chemicals, there are other factors that cause nail damage:

Frequent exposure to water

Water has many healing properties. However, when it comes to nail health, too much water can cause damages. When washing hands frequently, the water weakens the nails and removes natural oils on the nails that protect the nails. Wearing gloves while washing the dishes or when doing chores that involve water or cleaning agents will reduce nail damage.

Iron deficiency

Pale nails and pale skin could indicate that you are suffering from iron deficiency. When the body does not receive enough iron, red blood levels are negatively affected. When tissues do not receive enough blood, they become weaker – which is true for the nailbeds as well.


Low activity of the thyroid gland causes several problems, including brittle nails.


Various infections, such as bacterial infections and fungal infections, can cause nail abnormalities. Such infections should be properly treated with medication, or a healthier nail care routine. Also, getting manicures with unsanitary tools can cause infections. If you go to a nail salon, you must make sure that it is certified to perform manicures and pedicures. Also, only go to salons that sterilize nail care tools, or ones that use disposable tools.

If you like doing an at-home manicure, you should also disinfect your tools, or use disposable and quality tools.

How to Treat Nail Damage

Underlying medical conditions that cause nail damage should be properly treated. You should first see a doctor, to find out if you have a physical problem that is causing nail damage. In most cases, the doctor will be able to provide you with an initial diagnosis by looking at your nails.

For additional information, you will likely have to do blood tests. The tests will reveal if you have dietary deficiencies or medical issues that are causing your nails to split, break and become dull.

To complement the treatments, you should also get a nail kit that focuses on nail health. The TrySprig nail kit focuses on nails, with all the vitamins and minerals required for strong and healthy nails. Sticking to a healthy routine while using the TrySprig kit will ensure that your nails will be healthier than ever. If you are suffering from brittle nails, the nail care kit by the new beauty start-up will transform your nails. Within one use, you will see noticeable results, as your nails will become shiny, strong, and resilient.

This article was written in cooperation with Sprig LLC