How David Imonitie is setting an example for young entrepreneurs

 (photo credit: DAVID IMONITIE)
(photo credit: DAVID IMONITIE)

Being a serial entrepreneur, David knows the challenges faced by young entrepreneurs when they embark upon journeys like this. Mindset is of paramount importance. David first teaches his followers and students the right mindset outweighs everything else. “Resourcefulness is greater than resources,” he told us. Success comes by manifesting it; you must start behaving like a successful person from day one, and eventually, you will become that person. “Being persistent and not losing your work ethic”, is the key point David Imonitie gives all start-up entrepreneurs to focus on. 

How David’s Journey Started

David was born in Nigeria and later moved to the States when he was 10. Despite struggling to fit in at times, he always excelled at sports, which got him a tennis scholarship. However, he realized it was not for him. Dropping out of college, he knew he had to make his entrepreneurship career work. Despite failing for a number of years, sleeping in Father’s car at times, and being tempted to go back to a normal 9-5, he kept pushing forward. After transitioning from the travel industry to the coffee selling business, David finally hit a goldmine, making his first million dollars.

 How David Is Helping Others

Having already helped hundreds of his students achieve a 6 and 7 figure income, David is expanding his education platform Believe Nation. Here he teaches his pupils the correct mindset and skills they need to have to get to a higher level. 

 David is also extremely proud of his charity iBelieve Foundation, which has been involved in the provision of necessities of life like electricity, food, and shelter for some of the most deprived areas in Africa.

Advice From David

David is a firm believer in manifestation as it is a key ingredient to success even when things don’t go to plan. David’s inner belief in himself and in God really is the core takeaway from his story. During his dark times, David used to visualize the 5-dollar bill he had taped to his bathroom mirror, as 5 million dollars. He had already set the standard and believed in his future way before it even happened. Real proof to all those reading this article, that hard work and belief in yourself does pay off in the end.

Overall, David Imonitie’s story is an inspirational one, but something that is extremely relatable to the majority. Many self-made millionaires do not start with a silver spoon in their mouth, but with some hard work, anything is achievable. We look forward to what David has to come for himself, his team, and his students.