How Do You Turn YouTube into a Business? Caleb Boxx of YouTube Automation Explains

 (photo credit: CALEB BOXX)
(photo credit: CALEB BOXX)

YouTube is one of the fastest-growing platforms for content creation and promotion on the internet. However, Investopedia mentions that actually making money through the platform can be an uphill battle. It's because of this difficulty that Caleb Boxx's story stands out so much. Not only is he earning quite a lot of money from YouTube, but he doesn't even need to appear in his own videos. Thanks to hard work, dedication, and a drive for success, Caleb has managed to do what so many others have tried and failed to do. And now, he wants others to share in his success by using his YouTube Automation innovation.

Learning From a Young Age

Caleb was born in Kansas City, Missouri, and grew up watching his dad get ready for work, leaving the family home at 5:30 every morning. To impress his dad, Caleb would get up at four, an hour earlier, and spend his time figuring out how to be productive. His first foray into business was running a Minecraft server where he would encourage others to purchase items within the server itself. Immediately, Caleb realized that this wasn’t the business for him. He continued on his path of being an entrepreneur by building websites for businesses, but progress was slow. When the young business owner stumbled upon YouTube, his entire world changed. He quit the part-time job he had and dedicated himself to learning from established content creators and eventually created the YouTube Automation system.

What Is YouTube Automation About?

YouTube automation teaches entrepreneurs how to build a scalable YouTube channel and then profit from its monetization. The formula for success is simple: get together a team and produce regular content. However, the details of the plan are what Caleb offers to those who genuinely want to learn. He says that he doesn't mind if the person he's teaching is young or old, just so long as they're focused, hard-working, and willing to learn.

"Loyalty is a core quality," Caleb says of his team. "If I detect flagging loyalty, I know it could endanger the whole business." Caleb's methodology was developed alongside some of the biggest content producers on the platform. By leveraging their mentorship and his own experiences, the YouTube Automation system took shape.

Advice for New Business People

Caleb advises younger entrepreneurs to look at the bigger picture and learn from those who came before them. The entire YouTube Automation system revolves around learning from those who have met success in this arena. He also warns younger business owners to avoid spending money in unnecessary places while encouraging those who don't know where they want to be or what they want to focus on to experiment. "Try out something new every two weeks for a year," Caleb suggests, "and at the end of it, you'll have a broader idea of what you enjoy and where you'd have the most success." Even with this suggestion, Caleb notes, doubling down and having focus is crucial to achieving one’s goals.