YouTube is a US-based social media and video sharing platform that first broke out onto the scene in 2005.

Since then, it has exploded in popularity and importance, being a platform where careers are made and major advertising and content creation takes place.

The platform was bought by Google in 2006 and is currently one of the most visited websites in the world, second only to Google itself.

However, it has also come under fire for a number of controversies such as copyright issues, misinformation and privacy concerns, among others.

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Kanye West storms out of interview after challenge on Jewish media claim

"We can see that Rahm Emanuel was right next to Obama and then Jared Kushner was right next to Trump," said Ye. boss to answer questions on YouTube after transaction errors

The 320,000 ether mistakenly sent to Gate.oi accounted for 80% of the Ethereum tokens that held and was worth about $400 million.


Climate activist wants to translate climate science into 100 languages

Climate Cardinals is a grassroots organization started by Sophia Kianne which seeks to translate scientific environmental literature into over 100 languages.

By Sam Halpern

WATCH: Israeli runs marathons with pineapple on head —and sometimes watermelons

"I like to run marathon races with pineapple balanced on my head," Marathoner Moshe Lederfien wrote on his YouTube profile.

Bar mitzvah video song broke the Brazilian internet — and became a club hit

Set to the music of “What Makes You Beautiful” by the British boy band One Direction, Ourfali sings new lyrics about his Jewishness and his love for his family (and Israel), in a very sheepish way.


After 'Ben Shapiro gets gassed' joke, YouTuber's account suspended

"A few white supremacists successfully lobbied YouTube to suspend me, a Jewish dual citizen of Israel and USA, for antisemitism," said Klein.

If another Holocaust, 'I hope Ben Shapiro gets gassed first' -YouTuber Ethan Klein

YouTuber Ethan Klein slammed Ben Shapiro because the pundit's Daily Wire outlet employs political commentator Candace Owens, who the Youtuber said had taught West his antisemitic rhetoric.

Did Kanye West apologize for his antisemitic comments?

Piers Morgan interviewed Kanye West about his antisemitic comments, in an uncensored interview that can be watched on YouTube.


The Try Guys: Who are they and why is everyone talking about them lately?

From Buzzfeed to YouTube to international scandal: Who are the Try Guys, who is Ned Fulmer, and why are they all in the spotlight lately?

This Youtuber smashed a car in order to test a new iPhone 14 feature

Youtuber TechRax is know for destroying gadgets in the experiments they upload regularly to their channel.

By Walla!
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