How Does a Bubble Machine Work?

Recently, decorating festive events with soap balls gained much popularity.

 (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Recently, decorating festive events with soap balls gained much popularity. A soap bubble show is appropriate for any holiday, as it creates a joyful mood with an element of childish spontaneity. The device producing weightless soap balls is simple and reliable in operation, as well as economically consumes electricity and does not require special maintenance skills.
Where It Is Used
The modern best bubble machine is a compact product. Thanks to its small dimensions, it can easily be placed even on a small platform. The operating principle that the soap machine applies is based using special soapy liquid and air. To start using the device, you just need to connect it to a power source, and it will immediately fill the space with bubbles.
The technical side of the device lets you create soap bubbles of various sizes and at the same time adjust the intensity of their release into the room. Due to this possibility, the soap bubble generator can be used not only for organizing small parties but also for holding quite large events that involve many guests in a rather large room. You can also use the device outdoors.
How to Use It
The volume of the tank with soapy liquid determines the duration of the installation. Compact models with small dimensions and weight use weaker fans, so the balls are not thrown high up. The construction of such systems involves hanging them on a wall or ceiling. All systems occupy a fairly small area, so their placement does not cause much trouble. Installation can be controlled by radio remote control, wired remote control or DMX controller. Depending on the application and characteristics, the installation can be adjusted according to the intensity and range of the bubbles scatter.
If you buy a powerful soap bubble generator, then a device with a dispersion range of up to six meters will be able to quickly fill a rather large area with air bubbles. A wind generator and backlight gives the effect of soap bubbles shimmering in all colors in all directions.
Choosing an Appropriate Bubble Machine
At first glance, any generator looks the same as other devices for creating soap bubbles and only their price is different. It’s not a problem to buy a soap bubble generator on jons guide, but in fact, the choice largely depends on your goals and the scope of the equipment.
  • Dimensions. If the device is planned to be moved from place to place or fixed to the wall, then weight and dimensions are of fundamental importance.
  • Duration will depend on the capacity of the liquid tank, a model of a 0.6-liter soap bubble generator can produce up to 50 cubic meters of iridescent bubbles. Note that the tank is remote in some models.
  • Spread or range of flow. The indicator starts from 2 m and reaches 6 m.
Among the wide model range, you can choose a generator not only for an event where a powerful stream of bubbles is needed, but the one with low power, which can be installed even at home.