How Horus Straps Helped Usher in a New Era of Premium Luxury Watch Culture

 (photo credit: HORUS WATCH)
(photo credit: HORUS WATCH)

Watches have a place as one of the premium accessories in the evolution of modern history. It doesn't matter whether one is a watch enthusiast or a fashion expert, watches have become an integral part of human life as a means to express style, class, and prestige. The rise of the premium luxury watches is an example of how watches evolved from timekeeping to being a fashion accessory and a symbol of class. They complete the look of a person and act as a high-end lifestyle addition. Premium luxury watches have quickly garnered attention from people all over the world as everyone wanted to portray their style and individuality to the world. While the craze for premium luxury watches grew exponentially, one company, Horus, discovered something missing — all luxury watches had only black and brown straps.  

This paved way for the launch of Horus Watch Straps. This premium luxury watch strap company works independently to provide cutting-edge straps for popular watch brands such as Audemars Piguet, Panerai, and Rolex. In 2014, Horus launched an eCommerce website that developed comfortable and aesthetic custom leather watch straps. When colored straps were not a thing, Horus managed to capture people's attention with their bright blue, bright red, and lime green watch straps on the Audemars Piguet and Panerai Watches. This was a game-changer as adding color straps added more style to the luxurious Swiss watches that only came in black, blue, and brown straps.

The real breakthrough for Horus came when the bright blue suede strap for Audemars Piguet panda went viral, gaining attention from all over the world. The photos of the watch straps were posted on Instagram that made luxury watch owners take notice of the colorful design. The introduction of Camo straps for Swiss watches added more credibility to their brand. Since then, Horus has been on the juggernaut taking over the watch straps market with its innovative, unique watch straps that allow owners to express their individuality. In addition to being stylish, Horus straps are incredibly comfortable as they are prototyped and tested at the highest engineering levels. All products are conceived and created to keep pace with the fast-moving watch industry trends such as;

Improvement in Product Innovation

The watch industry over the years has seen creative innovations that have been revolutionary. Smartwatches tracking vital health parameters are important innovations that have taken the market by storm. Smartwatches also bring a whole lot of added functionalities including allowing users to control music, track steps, display notifications, attend calls, and monitor heart rate.

Rapid Changes in Customer Preferences and Tastes

Over the years, premium luxury watches have made the transition to being worn solely as a symbol of prestige and class. The fashion industry which has taken note of this trend has started incorporating high-end watches to complement clothes and footwear, thus expanding the market. This has made manufacturers focus on making premium luxury watches that match the current market trends and perceived future market trends.

Rising Demand for Customization

Everyone wants to stand out with their individual style. Customized additions are not entirely new to the watch industry but add more value as more individuals and companies request customizations to their watches. These personalized additions increase levels of customer satisfaction.

As the luxury watch industry undergoes changes and tracks closely with the fashion industry, Horus is at the forefront in the luxury watch straps segment, working with elegant and interesting brands like Eliantte, Johnny Dang, Angel City, Trotters, and A Jewellers to offer customers personalized and aesthetic luxury watch straps of all kinds.