How to Choose the Top Freelancing Platform for Your Business?

Small businesses or startups do not have the luxury of hiring a full team for all their business functions.

 (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Small businesses or startups do not have the luxury of hiring a full team for all their business functions. The best way to fill this gap is to hire a freelancer that suits the need from a freelancing platform – a flexible option that is not just cost-efficient but also delivers quality.

With the rise of the gig economy, freelancers are playing a vital role in offices worldwide. Freelancing is not limited to tasks like graphic design and virtual assistants anymore. Now you get the chance to hire a freelancer for almost all the business functions.

The real quest starts with finding the right freelancer and the freelancing platform. While there are hundreds of options to choose from, picking the correct one can be a crucial decision. Business owners consider several variables before picking out the perfect talent to hire. These include quality of service, reliability, and cost. Everyday more and more freelancers offer their services on the internet.

To find a freelancer that ticks all the boxes is like finding a needle in a haystack. You might end up spending hours and hours browsing pages filled with freelancers. But what if there was a freelancing platform that could do all that for you? You type your requirement, and the computer finds you the right match? Insolvo is one such platform that will make your life easy. is a freelancing platform dedicated to helping with any task, but focused on small to medium online tasks like logo design, writing web content, analytics, homework assignment, setting up Google Ads and many others. The platform has around 3 million active freelancers working with clients around the world. But this is where it gets interesting.

Rather than spending countless hours searching for the right fit, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine on the platform will find you the right freelancers based on your requirements. You just need to choose only from the 3 the most appropriate freelancers for your task.

In 3 simple steps, the Insolvo engine shortlists the best prospects for your project. When you sign up, the intelligent algorithm asks for your requirement. With that, you fill in your budget for the project and list out the delivery time – two aspects that everybody takes into consideration before hiring. Once you submit your requirement, the intelligent AI will find you 3 the most fitting freelancers for your task. The hours of searching, comparing, and shortlisting freelancers is now you get for a few moments.

You are going to be hiring trusted talents because, unlike other freelancing platforms, sellers need to verify their skills to get listed. To do this, the sellers take mandatory tests before listing their services.

This avoids any low-quality freelancers and bots, so you know you are getting nothing but the top. And you will only pay after your work gets completed. The platform assures that all its freelancers will continuously commit to deliver a successful output. If that was not reassuring, the freelancing platform has a refund guarantee if you are not happy with the work done.

Insolvo is your go-to option for all your small to mid-range online tasks. The AI algorithm continues to understand and analyze search patterns continuously. Without a doubt Insolvo is a great place to find freelancers. It makes life easy for buyers to find what they require with its smart AI algorithm. With its step towards integrating AI to find freelancers, Insolvo has shown us a snapshot of the future of freelancing platforms.