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Taiwan TV falsely reports Chinese attack on Taipei

The alerts included messages such as "a war could break out," a major train station in Taipei being set fire by "Chinese agents" and Taiwan's president declaring a state of emergency.


Why won't the media say 'terrorism' when reporting on Israel? - opinion

The media have an unfortunate history of inaccurate reporting of terrorism in Israel and this time was no different.

Russia blocks access to website of Radio France Internationale

Russia also blocked access to the Russian-language website of The Moscow Times due to a story about the conflict in Ukraine, the newspaper said.


Media coverage of Tel Aviv terror attack debated in Knesset

The public debate began after the IDF, Shin Bet and Israel Police condemned the coverage of Thursday's attack, arguing that it interfered with the forces' actions and revealed classified information.

Media should have been more responsible in covering Tel Aviv terror attack - editorial

This was about ratings and drama and there was nothing like it before on Israeli TV. 

IDF, police, Shin Bet criticize media for coverage of Tel Aviv attack in rare letter

"Some of the TV channels turned the hunt for the terrorist into actual reality TV, without any censorship or self criticism," the three agencies' spokespeople wrote in bold in a joint letter.

Grapevine April 8, 2022: Media musical chairs

Movers and shakers in Israeli society.

Media's representation of Russia-Azerbaijan affairs misses the mark - opinion

In Israeli media, commentators and other influencers are crafting a narrative that is antithetical to Israel’s core interests.


Why Chinese media keeps referencing the Holocaust

State media and diplomats have increasingly used its Holocaust narratives to position China as a savior of Jews at a time when the rest of the world neglected them.

By Jordyn Haime/JTA
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