How to reach the reputation you have always dreamt of

A revolutionary new service will mark you on the web as a winner with a very high reputation. Tsahit Rofe, founder and CEO of Tsohar Group Ereputation management company - makes it happen.

An extraordinary entrepreneur. Tsahit Rofe (photo credit: PR)
An extraordinary entrepreneur. Tsahit Rofe
(photo credit: PR)

Are you unhappy with the Google search results about you? Or maybe you don’t appear on the Google search at all...Anyone who has experienced the frustration of bad reviews or articles about them or their business, or nothing at all about them that comes up when one types their name - knows what we are talking about. You may think a bad reputation on the web is a matter of fate or a predestination with no way to fix it. Well, you are wrong! 

The Ereputation management company Tsohar Group will prove to you it is possible to have only good reviews about you or your business will appear a Google search. This cutting-edge technology available for you in by the Tsohar Group who prove without any doubt daily that one can upgrade or create from scratch- a great reputation on the web.

This revolutionary service is led by a talented young woman, who is an expert on designing a tailor-made excellent reputation for her clients on the web. Among them: local celebrities, and businesses in Europe and now also in Israel.

Her name is Tsahit Rofe and she is only 22 years old. Tsahit immigrated to Israel as a little girl with her family. Her business and administrative abilities and talents were prominent from an early age. At the age of 17 she already had a concrete business idea, which she contemplated about for a few years. 

When the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak started in 2019 thousands of businesses were either shut down or experienced a dramatic decrease in business activity. While most people saw this as a very bad time for business, Tsahit Rofe saw it as a time of big opportunity. She knew how to turn this this lemon into lemonade and make her business dream come true. In the peak of the pandemic in 2020 Tsahit launched her new business and since then the business evolved into an exciting and unique direction: a lab for managing business and personal reputation on the web.

We met this extraordinary entrepreneur to understand what this s all about.

Please explain what is “managing reputation”?

Tsahit Rofe: “Let’s say you own a business. Unfortunately, a negative report was published, and it comes up at the head of all the Google searches causing a significant decrease of business and loss of many clients.

 My company, with our very bright programmers, activates for this client a unique algorithm. This algorithm attracts very high traffic around positive coverage and texts which we initiate and gives a boost to positive reports about this business existing on the web which were seen at the top of the google searches. So, what happens is: the positive texts reach the top of the search, and the negative report finds its place at a very remote google search very low on the google where not many people reach, so the bad repot practically disappears.”

Credit: PRCredit: PR

Amazing! What exactly does this algorithm do?

 “This is something I do not want to talk about. It’s a professional secret. What I can say is that the algorithm preforms an organic promotion on google and uses the crowdsource to promote a lot of positive materials in the google search, so if there is any negative text about one’s business or about a person, this text will become very low on any google search and so - hardly anyone will reach it.”

Please tell us about yourself

“When I was only ten years old, I immigrated to Israel with my family. I finished high school at the age of 17. I have a distinct memory of Me and my father sitting on the beach, during a holiday in France and I am showing him a Power Point presentation of my business plan. My father said he is willing to look at it in 5 years, when I graduate university…So, I did as I was told and went to study In Bar-Ilan university for a year and after that I started studies for a B.A. in Business Administration at the Collage of management in Rishon LeZion. This attempt to study was not successful and it was only a matter of time, until my family understood that studies are not for me. 

When the corona pandemic broke out all my classes took place on zoom. I quietly and gradually stopped attending classes until I completely stopped studying. This time around, my parents had no idea that I quit my studies and I am determined to build my business. Eventually my parents found out that I dropped out of school, and they reacted to that badly. With time they changed their attitude because they realized that I have serious plans and the ability and skills to fulfill them. At the beginning it was difficult for me to build working habits, but then I got used to working effectively in coffee shops with my laptop and I knew I am on the right track.”

What was the business like when you launched it?

“My initial idea was to promote win-win business collaborations between celebrities and businesses. Corona was spreading, people stayed home, and no one was inclined to invest in a new business. But since I am stubborn and goal oriented, I chose to see this new reality as a great business opportunity. 

At the time I had already very good connections with knew a few leading computer developers and programmers with whom I launched the company. They were the ones to design this new platform. Nest step was reaching out to business owners and directors and local celebrities and initiated the collaborations between them. My dream came true. I became a successful growing business and apart from Celebrity-business collaborations we also created professional websites, a CRM system, and other services around programming for clients. We continue with these services today but the jewel in the crown is undoubtfully the service we give of web reputation management.” 

Credit: PRCredit: PR

How did you reach this awesome algorithm?

“Everyone around me knew that I have a business of internet marketing. One day a friend told me about a special algorithm for online promoting which might interest me. The minute I saw what this algorithm can do I knew this is a winner and I was very enthusiastic about it. I usually get what I want so it didn’t take long until I signed an exclusivity agreement for using and marketing with this powerful algorithm. I started with promoting businesses on the web but quickly realized the huge potential of the algorithm and that is when I had my first reputation management client.”

Who are the clients that come to you for reputation management?

“We supply reputation management services for big and medium companies and for lawyers, accountants, and other independent businesses. Clients who suffer from a bad reputation on the web come to us and we create an abundance of 100% positive content for the client and make sure to preserve the positive reputation which was reached. 

We also have a service for clients who don’t have a web reputation at all. For example, a European businessman who came to us recently. He wanted to expand his business activities to the Israeli market where he was unknown to potential clients.  So that we created for him a positive internet reputation reachable to Israelis. 

In summary: 

 We are experts in three kinds of reputation management 

  1. Creating a positive reputation from scratch
  2. Enhancing an existing good reputation 
  3. Correcting or rehabilitating a problematic reputation 

How do your parents react to your successful business career?

“They both approve of it today and more than that: In addition to the continuous consulting of the companies’ lawyers, my father who himself is a skilled businessman, became very active in helping me in any professional way he can to prevent any problems with clients among other important inputs.”  

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This article was written in cooperation with Tsahit Rofe