Michael Barayev - How This Top Business Coach Built a Multiple 8 Figure Company

 (photo credit: MICHAEL BARAYEV)
(photo credit: MICHAEL BARAYEV)

A lot of people think that strong entrepreneurship is rooted in a good idea or product. But for top business coach Michael Barayev, it is all about building a team that respects and understands good leadership. This philosophy led Barayev from underdog status to becoming the CEO of a multiple eight-figure company called Barayev Marketing. 

As a child, the odds were against Barayev. He grew up in a low-income household in Queens, New York City. Financial freedom was nothing more than a pipedream to Barayev when he started his first business--shoveling snow - at the young age of twelve. After difficulty in school and trouble in the foster care system, Barayev stepped into the working world. He had no advantages except for the advice of his high school guidance counselor: that he should consider going into sales.

It turned out he had a natural talent for the sales industry. In his early twenties, he worked at a variety of different jobs. He worked in a variety of jobs such as network marketing, which taught him about how to develop a growth mindset, however something was still missing. When he got a job as a door to door salesman, he started interacting with hundreds of different people on a daily basis. “This is where I learned that sales is really about developing people skills and understanding the psychology of human behavior,” said Barayev. “To make a sale, you have to understand how people think.” This burgeoning knowledge base set the stage for him to start his own company: Barayev Marketing.

Barayev began training people to become a part of his team, using the know-how that he had gained through his own experience. He swiftly grew his team to over 150 full time sales agents, and Barayev Marketing went on to garner multiple seven-figures in profits. The key to a successful team is good leadership and consistent training. According to Barayev, “Good leadership is about influencing and duplicating your mindset into your people,'' he said. “This allows your teams to develop the necessary courage for the team to accomplish and surpass intimidating goals.”  By properly training and inspiring your staff, Barayev believes you enable your people to reach their full potential. His expertise in this field has now been converted into a formal course, called the Barayev Bootcamp where he transfers all of his years of experience and sales and business skills into one complete program.

All entrepreneurs worth their salt know that growing a business takes hard work and dedication. The self made multi millionaire Barayev states that the key lies within leadership training. By inspiring your staff and guiding them forward, your business will grow and blossom on its own.