Ido Fishman Lists The 5 Most Investable Businesses in 2020

If you are thinking about starting a business, you should know that there could not be a better time of doing that

Ido Fishman (photo credit: PIXABAY)
Ido Fishman
(photo credit: PIXABAY)

The world has reached a point where not only can you start a business online, but you will also find your entire target audience on the internet. Yes, there are businesses that are doing pretty well without any advertisements on TV. They rely on internet marketing and reap great benefits of doing it consistently. However, the one thing you have to keep in mind is that with time, certain business ideas have become obsolete.

If you are thinking about a transportation business in today’s world without any presence on the internet, you might end up losing all your money. However, there are certain businesses that can prove to be quite beneficial for you if you start them in 2020. More importantly, you have to think of a way to make your business look unique. That’s where Ido Fishman’s advice will help you a great deal. Before starting with the list of the most investable businesses of 2020, here is some advice that should help you the preliminaries.

Advice from Ido Fishman for Entrepreneurs in 2020

According to Ido, you do not always have to come up with a completely new idea. The one thing you can never ignore is that an idea is no good no matter how cool and unique it sounds unless it solves a problem. So, the first thing you have to consider is if your idea is solving a problem. If not, you will not gain any market share from anyone because in simple words, no one would need your services/products. The important part that you should pay attention to here is that you can work on existing ideas as well. Many businesses have used this strategy and become hugely successful.

Think about Uber and Lyft. Uber had already started spreading around the world when Lyft started. However, Lyft came up with its own unique proposition and kept its unique branding element alive in its ridesharing services. Additionally, there were other large companies that were already working on the idea of creating a smart home gadget. Amazon jumped in and made quite a name for itself. That’s how you can work as well. If your idea is an emulation of an existing idea, the only thing you have to do is to find a unique way to present it to your target audience.

The other big piece of advice from Ido Fishman for new entrepreneurs is that they should focus on the starting strategy for their businesses. There is nothing wrong with starting small. In fact, that’s what work better in today’s competitive environment. If you are starting a business like Food Panda, you might want keep your services limited to your area only at first. It makes your business manageable and gives you a great idea of the demand in the market without spending a fortune. Don’t try to go all big and powerful right from the start. You have big competitors that will not let do that anyway.

Ido Fishman’s List of the Businesses to Consider in 2020


There is no business more viable than a dropshipping business in 2020. Dropshipping is not a new concept but it has definitely become a feasible choice for many with the coming of the internet. Think about it; you can start a business of selling products without ever owning or creating the product. In fact, you will not even need to have a warehouse to store the items you are selling. You just need a website where you can accept orders for various products from people and forward them to businesses that make those products or supply them. Yes, that’s what dropshipping is all about.

In this type of business, you do not own or store the product. Instead, you are in touch with the supplier of the product. When you accept an order and forward it to the contracted supplier, the supplier arranges, packs, and ships the order to the customer. You make your commission in the middle and take care of whatever customer needs are even after receiving the product. You are more like a liaison between the customer and the supplier of the product in this type of business.

Now, you can already imagine how easy this type of business is and why people are flocking to start one like it today. Ido Fishman believes that you still have to have a strategy before starting a dropshipping business. According to him, the most important considerations for anyone who is considering this type of business should be to have online presence, find a platform to create an online store, network with the right supplier, and be wary of the many payment issues that can arise while sending orders. Luckily for the entrepreneurs of 2020, there are online platforms like Shopify that make dropshipping businesses a breeze.

Web Solutions

You have to understand the words from Ido Fishman very carefully here. He thinks that there are many freelancers in the world today, providing a variety of services to businesses from around the world. However, picking just one service and serving clients with it is not enough today. For example, if you develop websites, you cannot create a business just around that. First of all, you will have to face some tough competition. Secondly, you are doing what literally millions of others in this world are already doing. Thirdly, you are only serving a small chunk of what’s included in internet marketing.

Today, businesses are looking for all the internet market solutions in the same place. They do not want a graphic designer and web developer to work on their website alone. Instead, they are looking for companies that can create their websites, put attractive graphics on them, create the content for all the web pages, and publish other marketing content on various online platforms as well. In short, they want all of their marketing matters to be in one place to avoid the clutter.

For that reason, Ido Fishman believes that the wisest thing to do is to start a web solutions business i.e. a business that provides a variety of solutions in the domain of internet marketing. The best thing is that you will not have a hard time starting this business. You can easily find content writers, graphic designers, web developers, social media marketers, etc. in your circle. Gather the best people, align your vision with them, and start a company that can provide all of these web solutions under one ceiling.

Training and Coaching

It might not sound like a fun and appealing idea at first but people are making thousands of dollars a month easily with this type of business. Coaching has proved to be a great business in recent times because people use internet for getting information and advice. Why people use the internet for learning is because they do not have time to attend classes on a daily basis. They do it all online and from the comfort of their homes. Moreover, online coaching has allowed experts of the industries to deliver just about any type of training through the internet.

However, you will have to do some preparation for this business type. If you listen to the advice from Ido Fishman, you will have to prepare a lot of material not only for your training but marketing as well, before you jump into the business. When it comes to the coaching material, you have to prepare some pre-recorded DVDs for people. You can make your videos available on the internet because DVDs are not the go-to channel for people to learn anymore. At the same time, you have to prepare some glimpses into your content so you can attract people to sign up.

At the same time, you have to make sure that you monitor and hunt any opportunities of speaking to large venues. You can always find out about seminars and conferences being held in your area on the internet. Attend them when you can, but more importantly, try to be a speaker if are knowledgeable in your industry. Ido Fishman strongly recommends this tactic because according to him, you will need some proof for people to subscribe to your coaching classes and videos. There is no proof better than you being a speaker at a conference.

In addition to that, you have to prepare for some strong marketing as well. You cannot market your coaching business without a selling one-page website. It is the go-to website design for coaching businesses. You have to create a website that sells well. Your website is going to be the place where you will convince these people to subscribe to your coaching classes. Make sure you have professionals for creating the content of your website and the design.

AI Applications

If you are someone with technical knowledge and currently working for a company, you have to consider starting your own business. Now is not the time to work for others. If you think you have it in you to start your own business, you should definitely go for it. Yes, you will have to gather a team for this business. However, you can be sure that if you do the marketing right, you can make millions in no time. Businesses from around the world are looking for AI-based solutions for optimizing their daily operations and solving their day to day matters.

The shift is inevitable for every business, large or small. Every process within the business can now be automated through AI and machine learning. Small and large businesses are in need of these solutions right now. The best thing is that you now have online marketplaces where people are selling their AI solutions to businesses. If you are creative and have the technical knowledge to create applications, you should consider starting your own business rather than working for another company.

Influencer Marketing

You could not have imagined of such a business just a few years ago. However, with the coming of social media, influencer marketing has become a huge thing. All you have to do is to create your online profile on one of the many social networking websites. After that, you have to gather enough followers to be considered a social media influencer. The most important thing you have to know here is that celebrities and sports stars are not the only social media influencers out there. People sitting at home with regular jobs have garnered enough fame on social networks to become influencers for many brands.

Once you have become an influencer, you will automatically start getting the attention of brands from around the world. These brands are willing to pay you the amount you demand for promoting their products and services. Ido Fishman has some valuable recommendation for people who want to be social media influencers. He believes that social media influencer business is not about the number of followers. According to him, the real social media influencers are people with a high rate of penetration into their target audiences.

You are not worthy for a brand if you have one million followers but only a few hundred respond to your posts and like the stuff you upload. On the other hand, brands will be looking to sign you up to promote their products even if you have only 50,000 followers but 60% of them respond to your posts. In short, you engage more people and thus the brand has a better chance of selling its

products through you.

Final Thoughts

This was the list from Ido Fishman, the famous finance and investment expert. You can pick any business from this list and make it a million-dollar company within a few months if you do everything right. Keep in mind that nothing comes without hard work and grind. Despite many of these being purely online businesses, they require the same amount of hard work from you as a business with a physical presence would. So, be prepared for some sleepless hours when you just start your business.