Israel’s needy speak out about their struggle during the High Holidays.

Anyone who has been to Israel during the High Holidays knows that it is a time for families to come together and do what Jewish families do best… eat!

 A homeless man begs on the streets. (photo credit: Lerner Vadim/
A homeless man begs on the streets.
(photo credit: Lerner Vadim/

The cost of hunger

Unfortunately, Israel’s rising energy costs and rising inflation are making the cost of food more expensive and eroding the purchasing power of the working class. At the same time, many Israelis are still reeling from economic setbacks suffered during the pandemic, which drained their savings and left them financially vulnerable. The consequences have been dire, with an increasing number of Israelis now living in poverty and suffering from food insecurity. Far too many parents are unable to provide meals for their families. 

Hope for a better tomorrow  

Fortunately, Meir Panim provides these poverty-stricken Israelis with help when they need it most. The charitable organization’s five Restaurant-Style Soup Kitchens in the cities of Tzfat, Jerusalem, Dimona, Tiberias, and Or Akiva, feed thousands of families throughout the Jewish State suffering from food insecurity. With the look and feel of a restaurant, the soup kitchens preserve the needy’s dignity and self esteem while ensuring they receive the nutritious meals they desperately need.

A recent video revealed testimony of Meir Panim’s recipients at their Tiberias branch.

The needy speak out

“Our financial situation is a disaster,” said ‘A,’ a mother of three who chose to remain anonymous.

“My husband is physically and mentally disabled, and I have a young infant. We have no income, just expenses and debts with no end in sight.”

She heard about Meir Panim via social media. When she finally arrived at its center in Tiberias, she said: “we discovered an amazing place. A place with heart and soul.”

“I’m giving a huge thank you to Meir Panim for establishing a place like this in Tiberias where we can go, knowing that we won’t leave without food,” notes Bella, a single mother who is unable to work due to a disability impairing her vision. “We always come to Meir Panim. My kids are happy when they see the food,” she added.

“Meir Panim opened their doors wide open for me and many others,” said Netanel, a father of four. Netanel is unable to work due to a slipped disc in his back and now relies on Meir Panim to provide food for his children, adding: “You should know that Meir Panim does so much to ensure that my kids have fruit, vegetables, and warm meals every day.” 

Netanel called on viewers to support “this incredible organization,” saying: “please donate to Meir Panim.”

To help feed families like Netanel’s during the High Holidays, please consider making a gift to Meir Panim today

Click here to provide meals for the needy.

This article was written in cooperation with Meir Panim