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Lag Baomer bonfire

Lag Ba'omer is all the rage in Israel — here’s how to celebrate it

While you may have never heard of this holiday, Lag Ba'omer is popular and widely beloved in Israel — and it’s time we Americans learned to enjoy it, too


Lag Ba'omer: Counting the days

The 33rd day has a special significance. Until then it is not permitted during the sefirah to cut the hair, wear new clothes, attend public entertainment or to get married.

Thousands take part in Birkat Kohanim for first time since COVID

This marks the first time that a priestly blessing event at this capacity has occurred since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak.


Why do we eat matzah on Passover?

Liberation from slavery underlies our basic Jewish values

Planet Earth globe

Coronavirus and Passover: Four Questions during a pandemic

Our oral tradition is founded upon the Socratic method of “questions and answers” lobbied between study partners or chavrutot. On Seder night, questions are particularly pivotal; multiple irregularities are introduced into the Seder to prompt questions.

'Ahasuerus and Haman at the Feast of Esther' by Rembrandt, 1660, at Moscow's Pushkin Museum

Queen Esther helped me become the hero of my own Persian Jewish story

When met with a crisis — when the king’s evil adviser, Haman, decreed that all the Jews were to be killed — Esther looked deep within herself and realized she had strength.

PASSING UP this signature Purim meal a year into the pandemic is painful.

How I fell in love with Purim in Israel

How do you boost holiday cheer in such troubling times?

Making merry at a school Purim party in years past

Purim is a time of giving: Some memories to get by

Even in this depressing time we are living through, be happy – it’s Purim!

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