“It is essential to leverage other people’s resources”, believes Tech Enthusiast - Jacob Judah

 (photo credit: JACOB JUDAH)
(photo credit: JACOB JUDAH)

Jacob Judah, the founder of TMIG and prominent Tech Enthusiast from Mayfair, London. He is 21 and far ahead in his life when compared to people the same age. Jacob is a recognized master-level chess player who has been competing internationally since the age of 11.

When Judah started his ambitious career, he created and sold a portfolio of iOS games whilst merely still in high-school for a staggering £500,000. 3 of the games went viral and in total amassed over 10 million downloads and dominated the charts. The Swipe App spent several weeks at the top of the UK App Stores.  He then went on to hiring a team of 6 Software Engineer to work full time to develop cutting edge high-tech applications. At present Jacob works heavily in the AR/VR space, advising start-ups on strategy and providing seed investment to young entrepreneurs.

A brief about TMIG

Judah invests in the next generation of innovation and technology advancement. “We invest in early-stage tech companies. We also advise technology firms on their business strategy.” They also assist founders to disrupt conventional industries, helping them to scale and create brand value.

Much like a planted seed is what turns a field of potential into acres of cash-yielding crops, seed capital is the funding that brings a business from the idea stage to its launch.

In the initial stage of development, companies need seed capital - money that is often used to conduct market research, build a product prototype and pay company expenses - while their business gains momentum. Private investors like Jacob, often called business angels or angel investors, provide this first round of funding since securing a loan and gaining capital is hard for new and first-time business owners. Private investors often consist of individual business angels or groups, but in some cases, seed capital is provided by the entrepreneur’s friends and family (hence the reference to seed capital in some places as the “friends and family round”).

What excites Jacob about his business

The potential of the VR/AR space, it is the next major computing platform that is still in its infancy. His number one tip for aspiring entrepreneurs is to “put yourself outside your comfort zone and network with like-minded people”. 

Jacob believes there’s something really amazing about spotting a missing gap in the world and working to create your own solution. Great entrepreneurs are problems solvers that fill a need whether globally or within a small niche. Every little contribution helps spark change and shape the world we live in, he is looking to positively impact the lives of millions through technology.

Challenges faced by Jacob 

People will always doubt you. To grow into the person that you deserve to be, you have to face a significant number of hurdles. When starting out, people constantly judged Judah for his young age. He had a lack of funds and resources when taking his first leap into entrepreneurship. To prove himself, Jacob showed traction on a global scale. “You need to demonstrate results so people will take you seriously”. 

You don't have co-workers to chat with, and your friends and family may not understand the unconventional route you've taken. Plus, with how busy you'll be working, it may be hard to get out and meet new people or maintain relationships with those you already know.

Luckily, there are other young entrepreneurs like Jacob out there who are in the same predicament. Attend meet-ups where you can support one another's goals and values. Co-working spaces and private members clubs are a great place to network and keep up with your work at the same time.

It's important to reserve a slot in your schedule to spend time with supportive loved ones. Mentally it makes a big difference to have others who build you up, as opposed to tearing you down. Focusing on the positive individuals in your life makes it that much easier to put your best effort in.

Jacob’s plans in future years

Jacob is a keen Tech Enthusiast and does not plan to slow down. He says he will continue taking risks with talented and ambitious individuals who have big ideas. To scale your business, Jacob advises, “always remember that the customer is key and to provide excellent usability and service.”

One of the goals for a Judah is to help businesses create positive experiences for customers, other than following the norms of buying, selling, and setting a mark in the market. From polite customer care service to giving a great user experience, positive customer experience has an endless scope. 

Companies today maintain a good relationship with customers and clients by inviting them to special events, gifting them on special occasions, conveying wishes on occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. However a company decides to approach user experience, it’s essential to create customer centric products and services.

In Conclusion...

Being a young entrepreneur might be a challenge, but it's certainly not an insurmountable one.

Jacob Judah’s net worth is estimated to be £100 million and we expect that his fortune will continue to grow in 2021 and 2022.