Jeweler Ori Vechler shares 3 USPs of A Great Diamond Piece

A diamond can symbolize anything from love to wealth

 (photo credit: ORI VECHLER)
(photo credit: ORI VECHLER)

A diamond can symbolize anything from love to wealth. But most of the time, customers are not aware of the right kind of diamond due to a lack of awareness. In the glittering world of diamonds, it is very easy to get fooled. In a recent conversation with one of the youngest diamantaires in the world, we spoke with Ori Vechler, founder and owner of Gemma Fine Jewelry. Gemma Fine Jewelry was founded by Ori Vechler in 2013 when he opened his first showroom in Shanghai, followed by another in Hong Kong. His passion for creating exquisite jewelry pieces for both men and women is the brand's driving force.

Vechler takes care of his customers in a very familiar fashion, personally delivering a 22-carat diamond to Drake for his birthday. As Gemma continues to gain popularity all over the world, Vechler shared three USPs that distinguish a great diamond piece from others.

(photo credit: ORI VECHLER)
GIA-certified Quality 


Diamonds of rare design and cut are usually certified by GIA (Gemological Institute of America) Laboratory, a prominent institution for measuring the quality of diamonds. GIA compares test diamonds against pre-verified diamonds of known quality called Master stones, and then the test diamonds are certified. A letter scale certification from GIA is a surefire way to determine the true quality and uniqueness of a diamond. And since the testing is done in controlled conditions, they are foolproof.

Hand-Drawn Customized Designs 

Artificially cut diamonds have a very mechanized look that is tough to understand. It makes these diamonds appear ordinary and common. Vechler obtained his GIA certification and joined his family business of selling jewelry. But his approach was not in the wholesale diamond business, rather in the creative side of things. Therefore, he was encouraged to pursue diamond crafting by hand. Hand-drawn custom designs based on the customers’ preferences are today a calling card for Ori Vechler’s Gemma Fine Jewelry.


The amount of damage a diamond has undergone while polishing determines its value. A diamond can suffer blemishes and other issues. The absence of these issues increases the value of the diamond and allows customers to own a rare and beautiful thing. “It is important to look for clarity in the piece you want to own for life,” concluded Vechler.