Jordan Bown is passionate about helping people achieve financial freedom through e-commerce

  (photo credit: Jordan Bown)
(photo credit: Jordan Bown)

Living in Jordan Bown’s childhood was no easy task. From being in the wrong crowd and mindset as a young teen, to breaking free and realizing his full potential, Jordan has achieved a lot in his 24 years. 

He’s always been someone who knew what belonged in his life and what didn’t but up until the last few years, he never realized the importance of pushing that negative energy away. This breakthrough in his life has inspired him to help others make this connection and reach their full potential, too. He wants everyone to live the life that he has; one filled with genuine excitement for each day and one of financial freedom. 

Now, Jordan is a dropshipper, entrepreneur and teacher of over 200 students, who shows others how to have the success that he has. His most recent passion project has been Void Energy – a company which he plans to eventually compete alongside industry giants like Redbull and even Nike. 

“My motivation in life is to feel fulfilled in the largest sense of the word. I want to live my life according to my purpose, to experience everything this human experience has to offer, and inspire others to do the same,” he says. 

Jordan is all about passion. From the moment he was born, he always had a strong sense of his surroundings and what he could achieve. He wants everyone to live the life they imagined they would as children and thinks it's important to stay true to those dreams. “The fulfillment of living a life you've always dreamed of when you were younger is all the motivation I could ever ask for,” he says. 

Before his great success, he started many small businesses that later turned out to be complete failures, he admits. Still, Jordan wants others to be familiar and not shy away from failing at things in life. “As an Entrepreneur failure has to become your best friend. If you want to become a professional swimmer you pass through the medium of water.... as a business owner you pass through the medium of failure,” he says. It’s all part of the process and Jordan wants to encourage others like him – who may not be so comfortable with messing up – that it’s okay to do so. 

However, his own success is not where he holds the most pride. “My online e-learning course is the thing I am most proud of…When my student hit his first 7 figures it brought tears to my eyes to see I can have an impact at that degree.” He truly enjoys being able to see others push away the negative and take advantage of what life has to offer. It’s one of the few reasons why he loves what he does. 

To learn more about Jordan’s journey or how he can help you achieve financial success through e-commerce and dropshipping, follow his Instagram handle: @jordan.bown.

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