Jordan Sudberg: New York’s foremost pain management specialist

Successful New York based pain management specialist

  (photo credit:  Dr. Jordan Sudberg)
(photo credit: Dr. Jordan Sudberg)

Jordan Sudberg leads the Spine and Sports Rehabilitation Center. Dr Sudberg spent years as a research scientist at Harvard’s Massachusetts general Hospital in department of tissue engineering, as well as a research scientist at Columbia University in the Department of Cardiology in the Exercise physiology lab, studying the effects of cardiovascular exercise. 

Sudberg prides himself on the patient-focused treatment he provides all patients who seek out his services. During his studies in the field, he developed a particular interest in regenerative medical techniques. He completed his residency training in physical medicine and rehabilitation at North Shore Long Island Jewish Hospital in New York; and completed his internal medicine internship at Staten Island University Hospital. 

Dr. Sudberg is certified in the areas of ultrasound guided injections as well as inNerve Conduction studies. His practice’s specific areas of expertise cater to peak performance, regenerative medicine and elite fitness. Among Dr. Sudberg’s professional memberships are the American Council on Exercise and the American Fitness and Aerobics Association. Sudberg served as a medical student mentor at AAPM&R, providing medical students with information about the field of PM&R and the residency application process. He’s also a member of the Association of American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; as well as the Association of Academic Physiatrists. 

Beyond his recreational interests, Sudberg focuses on the areas of Sports Medicine and Muscular Disorders. His sophisticated depth of knowledge on medical issues allows him to provide his patients with the most modern and complete diagnostic testing for causes of musculoskeletal disorders and pain.

As a dedicated physiatrist, Sudberg provides care to his patients in New York City and Long Island.  Among the services Sudberg provides  are physical medicine and rehabilitation consultations, pain medicine consultations, Physical Therapy, therapeutic injections, and pain reduction and movement disorder exercises. 

Pain management is an incredibly important field that requires its practitioners to maintain a standard of care and expertise that is hard to come-by in many cases. Dr. Sudberg understands the importance of exceeding patients’ expectations and the overall importance of the field in which he operates. What often goes overlooked is the critical importance and function that the specialization of pain management serves in the overall medical profession. Whenever patients are in particular pain, any medical professional will call on additional help from those in the pain management field, who have an unconventional amount of expertise in helping patients both manage and alleviate the level of pain they might be enduring. 

Pain management specialists work toward helping patients both ease the suffering they might be experiencing; while improving their overall quality of life. A standard pain management team will include physiotherapists, occupational therapists, physician assistants, nurses and clinical psychologists. The effects of the treatment can vary depending on the magnitude of the pain the patient might be suffering from. Successful pain management does not always mean complete and total elimination of the pain that the patient might be suffering from. Instead, it might mean helping the patient adjust to achieving a quality of life that is satisfactory while maintaining the pain. This is accomplished through a combination of reducing the pain level while developing a comprehension of how best to manage it and lead a lifestyle despite of it. 

Dr. Jordan Sudberg has been a leader in this field from the standpoint of the results he’s been able to consistently generate for his patients. His network of patients over the years has been comprised of individuals with conditions that have been associated with varying levels of pain; but through his patient-centered approach and devotion to all patients, he has been able to demonstrate incredibly impressive results over time. 

Dr. Sudberg is also involved in a variety of different communal and philanthropic endeavors. His roster of professional associations and memberships provide just a small level of insight into the vast network of activism professionally and socially that he involves himself in. He is a dedicated member of a myriad of communal-centered causes that seek to mitigate social harms and societal ills. Sudberg is also involved in many different humanitarian causes that are designed to address social concerns. He resides in Manhattan, New York. 

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