L’Oréal launches anti-sexual harassment campaign

  (photo credit: Loreal Paris PR)
(photo credit: Loreal Paris PR)

L’Oréal launched its Stand Up! campaign on International Women's Day. The campaign appears on digital and social networks. It is part of L'Oréal Paris's global social program against sexual harassment in public spaces, with an emphasis on bystanders, to give people the tools to counter this phenomenon. 

The campaign was born out of the brand's social agenda advocating female power in light of studies that have proven that sexual harassment is widespread worldwide. Sexual harassment causes serious damage to a woman’s self-confidence and sense of self-worth.

L’Oréal has had a long-standing partnership with the Rape Crisis Centers  in Israel. Within that framework, a website was launched in Hebrew, standup-israel.com, which includes five simple tools that people can use to respond safely when they experience or witness sexual harassment. 

In addition, the L’Oreal campaign will be accompanied by the local hashtag #Don’tStandOnTheSide, and dedicated workshops on the project will be held for tens of thousands of people this year.

A survey conducted by L'Oréal Paris in Israel revealed that one out of every two women in Israel has had at least one experience of sexual harassment in the public sphere. Of the respondents, 79% stated that there were other people around them who witnessed the incident; 73% stated that the onlookers did not intervene or ignored the situation; 58% of the witnesses said that if they had the training or tools, they would have intervened on behalf of the woman being harassed.

This article was written in cooperation with L'Oreal