Mariia Tsegelnyk Discloses Her Coveted Secret to Success

The institutor of “The Light of Healing”, Mariia Tsegelnyk, shares the motto that kept her driven through the tough times and helped her become a renowned spiritual healer.

 (photo credit: MARIIA TSEGELNYK)
(photo credit: MARIIA TSEGELNYK)

Many people across the globe benefit from the Healing Transformation System that was birthed by a Certified Master Energy Healer, Mariia Tsegelnyk. 

She began her inspiring journey as a debilitated patient of Lyme Disease. But she transformed into a determined and undeterred survivor who defied all odds against her. 

Mariia identifies herself as a Master Energy Healer, Reiki Master, a Certified Professional Hypnotist. She is one of the most highly respected and distinguished personalities in the respective industry. 

She has garnered a lot of fame and popularity solely because of her passion and unrelenting desire to pursue something she loved. She overlooked all the hurdles and obstacles and rose above them.  

“When you are building the life of your dreams you will have those days when you just want to quit. On those days remember: Rest, but don’t quit. Take a break, recharge yourself. And keep moving forward,” says Mariia. 

Mariia believes that a person himself decides his success. If he chooses to give up on every failure, he is letting success slip away. She strictly abides by her belief that even when all doors are closed and there seems to be no way out, one shall not quit. One should rest, clear the headspace, and then continue to strive. 

For her, achieving dreams is an accomplishment that cannot be attained overnight. It takes hard work, true ardor, and perseverance. She added that an individual will encounter many moments where giving up will seem like the only available option, but one must keep his head high and move forward. 

The affirmation “I’ll figure it out as I go” is sufficient to keep one from feeling overwhelmed on a way to achieving all his/her dreams. 

“The words I live by are: Feel the fear and do it anyway!” states Mariia.

Mariia guides her clients that fear is a constant that is etched with one’s dream. But overcoming that fear every time you fail is an accurate indicator of courage and true passion. 

As she owns a leading brand that has established a rapport across the world, she fails every day too. But she has learned to dust herself off, get back-up and continue to move forward. 

She lays great emphasis on her motto in life: