Meet Carl Runefelt - The master observer whose predictions on bitcoin markets are right on target

Carl's skills have made him one of the most popular YouTuber and bitcoin currency guide.

 (photo credit: CARL RUNEFELT)
(photo credit: CARL RUNEFELT)

What is the future of bitcoins? Would it emerge as a winner in 2021? Is investing on these cryptocurrencies a safe bet? There are lots of unanswered questions and no proper channel to get accurate information on the same, but not anymore. There have been many market experts whose predictions have been right on the mark, and Carl Runefelt is one of them. Carl's observational power and predictions have always been positive, and that's what has made him the most looked after market expert if one wants proper guidance on cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Bitcoins have emerged as the most profitable proposition with its value hitting through the roof inn the past couple of years. The demand for educators who teach people the basics of cryptocurrency and the in depth factors which affect the markets has grown manifold. Amongst the most popular lot, who know the essence of the market, is Carl. This bitcoin educator and YouTuber from Sweden has made his presence felt strongly, as his predictions about the rise and fall of bitcoin markets have never gone wrong. 

Carl's YouTube channel 'The Moon', has grown huge with investors following him diligently and the followers list seems to be growing by the day. He posts one video everyday which sheds light on the workings of the bitcoin market. His investment tips are popular amongst novices and seasoned investors both. According to Carl, the bitcoin currency will always show an upward trend as its a centralized currency, which makes it less volatile and safe to invest. There are no physical limitations if one wants to trade in these, and all one needs is a mobile phone and an internet connection to get going. One of the best reasons to invest in bitcoins according to Carl is there are no physical institutions involved, which enables people from any country to transact in these with ease. 

Carl's informative content has led to his huge follower base on his online channel which hits more than one million views every month. His 140,000 strong subscriber list is enough proof of his popularity which he has gained through years of giving profitable tips. It would not be false to say that he might emerge as the most sought after bitcoin investment guru in coming years, seeing his past records which have always benefited the investors.