Meet Solid World – The carbon credit startup revolutionising the fight against climate change

Entrepreneurs Stenver Jerkku and Al William Tammsaar discuss how they are changing the carbon market landscape with the help of the General Partner of Yolo Investments, Tim Heath.

  (photo credit: Al William Tammsaar)
(photo credit: Al William Tammsaar)

Solid World founders Stenver Jerkku and Al William Tammsaar have always been dedicated to the fight against climate change. Early in their careers, they worked directly with farmers to improve the quality of their soil so that their soil would absorb more carbon dioxide, limiting net greenhouse gas emissions and enabling the farmers to earn carbon credit as compensation.

However, the pair soon realised the number of roadblocks these carbon projects were facing, from issues securing funds for their environmental projects to a lack of transparency on what ‘fair prices’ looked like in the carbon market. 

Understanding that solving these issues would open the floodgates for new and sought after opportunities, Jerkku and Tammsaar set out on a mission to find a solution and, in turn, developed Solid World.

Traditionally, traders price the risk associated with carbon offsetting projects differently and in ways that are not transparent to everyone taking part in the market. Much like a bartering economy, the prices are made through negotiation and are not displayed to everyone in the market. However, Solid World is bringing transparency to this process. In an industry that suffers from a lack of accessibility and transparency, Solid World is creating key infrastructure to enable radically transparent and accessible markets.

Credit: Tim Heath
Credit: Tim Heath

Solid World is platform that acts like a climate warehouse for carbon credit assets. They buy credits ahead of time at a discount and then offer structured inventory for distributors in liquid and transparent markets. Individuals can finance these carbon restoration projects in the middle and earn compelling yields for their service on their Web3 liquidity pools accelerating the transition to a greener future.

One investor that saw the potential Solid World had from the start of its journey is Tim Heath, General Partner of Yolo Investments, a venture capital firm specialising in seed and A-stage start-ups across gaming and fintech. When I reached out to the firm, Heath commented:

“We are incredibly proud to be a partner of the Solid World team. We not only support, but admire, their drive to revolutionise the way society addresses climate change. Their mission to promote transparency, accessibility, and provide capital within carbon markets is not only admirable but critical for the future of the industry.”

Commenting on his partnership with Tim Heath, Jerkku explained that when he saw an opportunity to improve carbon markets using blockchain technology, he found a passionate believer in the cause and true supporter in the Yolo Investments GP:

“Tim immediately saw the potential in bridging the worlds of climate finance and Web3. He has been extremely helpful in getting us started and helping us navigate this extremely complex industry. Not only was his advice insightful and invaluable, but he deployed his network of contacts to connect us with other prominent investors in the space. We can’t thank him enough for his support.”

The cross-collaboration between Solid World and Yolo Investments, particularly their alignment on Solid World’s purpose and mission, has been extremely beneficial, as they work together to advance the world of climate finance with the use of AI and Web3, actively addressing climate change.

When I met Stenver Jerkku, Solid World CEO, last month, it was immediately clear that he believes their startup can undoubtedly revolutionise the way the world addresses climate change.

Credit: Stenver Jerkku
Credit: Stenver Jerkku

“At Solid World, our mission goes beyond the surface. We're tearing down the medieval walls of the carbon market's bartering economy, turning a currently opaque black box into a radically transparent platform. We're bringing unparalleled transparency to this crucial sector of our world's future.”

Taking a significant step, last week, Solid World announced the launch of the world’s first forward carbon liquidity pool with its CRISP-scored Mangrove Restoration Pool. By harnessing the power of the latest AI and Web3 technology, Solid World is restoring mangroves – nature's most effective carbon sequestration method.

Commenting on this project, Jerkku shared:

“This endeavour represents a big leap in current markets, and we're beyond excited about its transformative potential. It truly is a watershed moment in the industry as we are promoting transparency, accessibility, and capital. We're incorporating AI-driven CRISP scoring, a robust framework that evaluates the delivery risk of carbon credits, into every project we embark on, thus fostering transparency and building trust in the process.”

Solid World’s innovative approach allows carbon projects to secure necessary funding by selling their future supply of carbon credits into Solid World’s liquidity pools at transparent prices. This is likely to boost the financial momentum these projects need to bring their carbon removal efforts to life and, in turn, make a significant contribution to global climate solutions.

But the benefits do not stop at project developers. Jerkku explained:

“Distributors, such as brokers, traders, and carbon marketplaces, will find our forward liquidity pools a game-changer. They will now have access to structured, high-quality supply at transparent prices and terms, enabling them to manage their inventory, navigate market volatility, and reduce risk more efficiently.”

As their future unfolds, I look forward to seeing what impact Solid World’s initiative has on carbon markets, including its transparency and accessibility, but more importantly how it, and any further projects they reveal, help revolutionise our fight against climate change.

This article was written in cooperation with Jordan Finkle