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‘Doomism’ vs hope: A Jewish voice on climate change - opinion

"There is still time; our future remains to be written. But, it’s going to take everything we have and we need to start now,” Sanjayan said.


Israel under haze: Here’s how the sand can harm your health

The haze outside is an environmental nuisance and impacts the health of almost all of us. Here's what it can do to your body.

By Walla!

Can climate catastrophe be averted? - opinion

The scientific consensus regarding climate threats is extremely strong, possibly unprecedented.

Greenhouse gases

Climate action: Extreme steps needed to avert disaster - IPCC

Radical emission cuts combined with some atmospheric carbon removal are the only hope to limit global warming to 1.5°, scientists warn.

Can Israel help wean Europe off Russian gas? - opinion

Israeli climate-tech companies may join both global and European efforts to reduce the level of consumption of Russia’s gas.


Letters to the editor March 3, 2022: No planet B

Readers of The Jerusalem Post have their say.

JNF Canada, Peres Center, SNC and KKL-JNF launch climate prize

"Climate Solutions Prize" will award climate innovation across two vectors: researchers and startup companies, with more than $2 million in incentives to develop and bring their solutions to market.

Wildfires to increase 14% by 2030, 50% by end of 21st century - UNGA

The study proposes that the world adopt a "2/3:1/3" preparedness formula, where two-thirds of funding goes toward fire prevention and planning – rather than active firefight

A man stands next to a Pepsi advertisement while using an umbrella in the rain, in Rawalpindi

PepsiCo to use Israeli-made plastic alternative as part of green strategy

PepsiCo's move is part of the brand's new strategy to put sustainability at the heart of its business, a project branded PepsiCo Positive.

Deep-Ocean plankton DNA gives new insight into biodiversity, climate - study

Researchers have managed to sequence plankton DNA in deep-ocean sediments to achieve the first full picture of the full plankton biodiversity.

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