MVC Magazine Founder Maria Vittoria Cusumano Shares 5 Prominent Fashion Trends in 2020

You wouldn’t think that 2020 would be a big year for fashion.

You wouldn’t think that 2020 would be a big year for fashion. But now that people are staying home all the time, when they do go out, they want to look their absolute best. Here to talk about five of the most prominent fashion trends of 2020 is Maria Vittoria Cusumano, fashion expert and founder of MVC Magazine.

Chunky Shoes with a Feminine Dress

One of the most popular styles of this year has been chunky footwear in contrast to a feminine dress. According to Cusumano, people love that this style choice allows them to dress up but still walk around. Chunky shoes can be anything from a big pair of Chelsea boots to a nice pair of Jordans. Cusumano says this is an outfit where style meets comfort.

Stylish Leggings

Cusumano says you can thank the zeitgeist for this one. Everyone has been stuck working from home as of late, so comfortable pants are a must-have. But you don’t have to sit around in your sweatpants. Cusumano says that patterned leggings or leggings with stylish cutouts are great ways to dress up your athleisure look.

Gender-Neutral Brands

Gender is just a label, anyway. Cusumano says you are seeing more and more brands that emphasize not conforming to gender. She recommends checking out Heaven by Marc Jacobs for inspiration.

Vintage Knit Cardigan

Cusumano says it is time to take your wool embroidered cardigans out of the closet. Inspired by retro finds at vintage stores, the cardigan is making a comeback. According to Cusumano, pairing a cropped cardigan with high waisted jeans is a style trend that will carry you into 2021.

Big Sleeves

Finally, big sleeves are making a comeback. Cusumano says this can be Victorian-style sleeves on your new favorite work dress or 80’s-style Cyndi Lauper sleeves on a blouse. Either way, bigger sleeves are better in 2020.

Despite the social limitations of 2020, fashion has not had a slow year. According to MVC Magazine founder Maria Vittoria Cusumano, the above five trends prove that the fashion industry is alive and well.