Natural Solar: Leading the way with Tesla Powerwall

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

As solar panels and solar batteries continue to increase in popularity in Australia, the concept of solar storage doesn’t seem any more futuristic or “sci-fi” than, say, a robot serving food and drink in a café. Thanks to the Tesla Powerwall’s innovative design, the leading solar batteries in Australia, coupled with Natural Solar’s home battery installation expertise – there’s now a major upward trend in residential home battery demand. 

The Tesla Powerwall is by design a storage device which stores power generated from solar panels. When you need it the most – e.g. during the night hours, power blackouts or in cloudy/overcast weather when your solar system isn’t functioning fully – it feeds the stored energy right into your home, giving you uninterrupted environmentally-friendly power as per your needs. Homeowners who don’t have a solar solution in place only need to buy an inverter from Natural Solar to take advantage of the Tesla Powerwall, as opposed to a costly hybrid solar and battery inverter.

A new evolution in home energy storage is finally here with the new generation of Tesla Powerwall, the latest in home solar battery technology. The latest Tesla Powerwall (simply called “Tesla Powerwall 2”) effectively doubles the battery storage of its predecessor and that too in a smaller unit: an impressive 13.5kWh.

This has proven to be a very cost-effective and practical solution for home owners, as the solar batteries are capable of storing excess solar power or cheap ‘off peak’ power from the local grid – allowing customers to supply their home with cheap and sustainable power throughout the night and early hours of the day. Natural Solar’s Tesla Powerwall solution is purely designed to save Australians money. 

Natural Solar has had an impressive track record of installing some of the most high-profile and complex solar batteries across the globe, including the first ever Tesla Powerwall in Australia. The company’s expertise in bespoke renewable energy solutions for a broad range of residential, commercial and development markets is irrefutable.

Sydney, 2016, marked an important year in Natural Solar’s company history – and also a defining moment in the country’s solar battery boom. Since installing the world’s first ever Tesla Powerwall, the company has installed more than 78,000 solar batteries nationwide and happens to be the largest, most well-known solar home battery installer in Australia. 

According to Chris Williams, CEO of Natural Solar, an increase between 400% and 500% growth in solar batteries installation orders has been observed due to the increased acceleration in adoption of renewable and sustainable sources of energy, not to mention decarbonisation drives. 

Williams was also quoted as saying that on multiple occasions, over 90% of the systems Natural Solar is installing across Australia in homes are either a solar and battery combo, or require adding solar batteries to an existing solar system. Around 1% of solar installed here include battery storage, although Williams is fairly confident that with the expanding financial incentives, the country may soon catch up with Germany, where half the solar battery home installs include storage as well. 

On a number of occasions, the Tesla Powerwall has proven to be a clear winner when it comes to battery uptake in Victoria, thanks to Natural Solar’s efforts in making the technology easily adoptable – it’s the one product every customer is familiar with and potential customers are talking about. Last year Queensland government announced a landmark deal with Tesla Powerwall and Natural Solar is proud to be an integral player in the Queensland Government’s solar energy future. “We are partnering with Energex, Natural Solar and Tesla, to build a comprehensive, sustainable, next-generation community at Oxley, with the aim of sharing these learnings with the development industry, so that today’s innovation becomes tomorrow’s standard,” Deputy Premier  Steven Miles  said.

In Q4 of 2021, Natural Solar achieved yet another milestone where they installed 15 Sonnen 16kWh lithium-iron-phosphate solar batteries, which Williams described as one of his most challenging projects to date. 

Check your eligibility for the Tesla Powerwall and get an instant quote online – Natural Solar offers battery rebates and programs across NSW, Victoria and SA. Natural Solar is a leader in Tesla Powerwall battery installation. With alternative and sustainable power sources becoming more commonplace across Australia, now is an excellent time for homeowners and business owners alike to invest in the technology and bid farewell to their power woes for good.

This article was written in cooperation with Pritom Das