Solar-tech developer BladeRanger acquires Raycatch assets

By securing the acquisition, BladeRanger hopes to establish itself as an industry leader as global interest in solar energy generation rises.

Israeli scientists harness lunar energy - through sunlight

On Earth, providing 100% of electricity demand 100% of the time solely from renewables, but without energy storage, is regarded as unattainable

Israeli start-up to clean Indian solar panels with robots for 25 years

The long-term agreement between India’s Avaada Group and Israeli start-up Airtouch Solar is indicative of the growing viability of robotic solar panel dry-cleaning solutions

Solar systems sales surge in Israel amid electricity price concerns

According to data from the Enerpoint company, in the first half of 2022 there was a 12% increase in the installation of solar systems using photovoltaic technology.


Solar system's planets could collide if Neptune's orbit changes 0.1% - study

A passing star, known as a stellar flyby, could — in theory — cause changes in Neptune's atmosphere that could — in theory —eventually lead to planets colliding into each other.

Is renewable heat more important than renewable electricity? - interview

Tigi Solar’s Zvika Klier elaborates on the importance of innovation in renewable heat – and his company’s solution to the global crisis.

20% rise in solar power system installations in H2 2021

Enerpoint also expanded its roof rental project for solar panels on large buildings.

Stanford scientists create solar panels that work at night

The Stanford panels, which feature a thermoelectric generator that harvests electricity, can only generate 50 milliwatts per square meter at night

How did Earth, Mars form? Study affirms inner solar system collisions

Earth and Mars were largely formed through planetary embryos made of gathered material and gases in the inner solar system.


Neutral hydrogen gives solar system's heliosphere its croissant-shape - study

Created by the Sun, the heliosphere is a protective shield that encompasses the entire solar system in a bubble of the ionized gas magnetic field.

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