Nicolas Brochet Accounces Electrifying New Abu Dhabi Festival

 (photo credit: NICOLAS BROCHET)
(photo credit: NICOLAS BROCHET)

 In these times of overwhelming interruptions, brings about many chances. If you tune into the Great 2008 Recession, for starters; some unimaginable successful companies excelled: You have Venmo, Airbnb, Instagram, and Uber.

Presently, our actuality is facing huge changes, and world-wide businessman and opportunistic Nicolas Brochet is currently going after lucrative adventures.

Generally, the quick-living visionary would be watching over and enhancing his hospitality, tourism, and culture companies. Inauspiciously, he has had to abide by quarantine rules and regulations, and take into consideration the safety and health of his employees and customers. That absolutely comes first. Brochet, who constructed his companies, on beautiful experiences, has had problems adopting a new concept. Nevertheless, he overcame those problems by yielding to limited occupancy, consistent testing, and wellness checkups for employees, also focusing highly on hygiene.

It is very obvious that the resurrection of this normalcy will take time. Standard functioned work weeks and travel may not rebound later until 2021. Since lockdowns and limitations continue to be stretched out, Brochet decided to focus more on new projects. He felt the need to construct a mega-scale celebration of life, bringing together his three unique passions- art, fashion, and music- into an incredible show.

"When rough times hit like never before seen, and the whole entire earth has to slow down, I chose to remain positive and make these less difficult times, and use them to reiterate and think favorably about the future," Brochet said. It made me facilitate the idea of holding a uniquely remarkable event, which is the International Fashion Music Art Festival Magic Island Abu Dhabi."

This highly esteemed- influential event, is well put together and created by Brochet himself. It will join together creative people and individuals, honorable places together. This amazing festival, will proudly perfect the red carpet moment, everyone desires to experience. This memorable program includes: cocktail parties, fashion shows, gala dinners, concerts, and a charity auction with one-of-a-kind collectibles and memorabilia.

"We will determine in September which organization we will support, but we are highly thinking about human rights," Brochet said.

Brochet has had a long background managing prestigious restaurants across Europe from Matignon in Paris to L'Opera in the port of St. Tropez.

He possesses one of the largest networks of high net worth individuals who share a propensity for travel.

As such he is exceptionally well suited to be the organizer of such an international festival in one of the world's most rarified cities- that of Abu Dhabi.

For more information on Nicolas and his upcoming festival as well as his new magazine:  Instagram/ NicolasBrochet11

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