Noble gold investments review 2023: Complaints, customer feedback, FAQs

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In a world of economic uncertainty, precious metals have long been considered a safe haven for investors. But with so many options available, how can one choose a reliable and reputable company to trust with their hard-earned money?

Noble Gold Investments is a company that excels in providing comprehensive precious metals IRA services and a wide range of investment products. In our Noble Gold review, we’ll explore the advantages and disadvantages of having a gold IRA with this company, and guide you through the process of getting started on your journey to financial security.

Noble Gold Investments Pros

  • Investors can easily liquidate their assets thanks to Noble Gold's worry-free buyback program.
  • Wide range of educational materials geared towards rookie precious metals investors.
  • Noble Gold has the lowest account minimum among popular gold IRA companies.
  • The company offers unique Royal Survival Packs (sets of precious metals) purchased outside of your IRA and delivered to your door.

Noble Gold Investments Cons

  • Online purchases of precious metals are unavailable.
  • No clear pricing on IRA-approved gold and silver coins and bullion.
  • Limited selection of storage facilities.

Comparing Noble Gold to Alternatives

If you're considering an alternative to Noble Gold Investments, take a look at Augusta Precious Metals. Both are reputable companies in the gold IRA industry, but Augusta Precious Metals offers significant benefits and might be a better option for investors looking to roll over $50,000 or more.

Augusta Precious Metals waives fees for account holders with balances over $50,000. Other than that, the company provides exceptional red-carpet service, dedicated lifetime customer support, and one-on-one educational webinars led by Harvard-trained economists. The company also stands out because of its stellar reputation, broad media recognition, and celebrity endorsements. Notably, Mark Levin and Joe Montana are among its customers.

If you want to learn more about precious metals investments and how to set up a gold IRA, download a free gold IRA guide that contains a wealth of valuable information about the industry.

Noble Gold Investments Overview

Founded in 2016, Noble Gold Investments has established itself as a respected and reliable company in the precious metals IRA industry. With a proven track record, they have managed hundreds of millions in precious metals investments over the years. They are dedicated to ensuring the security of investors' wealth and offer a variety of reliable investment options, including:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Palladium

As a legitimate and trusted company in the precious metals market, Noble Gold has consistently received high praise from its customers for its excellent customer service, competitive fees, and dependable repurchase program.

Noble Gold's primary focus is on its gold IRA business, but they also offer a range of physical precious metals products that can be delivered to your address or stored securely at a facility in Texas. With a knowledgeable and experienced team at the helm, Noble Gold is well-equipped to help investors secure their financial futures through precious metals investing.

Noble Gold Reviews and Ratings

Customer reviews and ratings for Noble Gold are generally positive, with a focus on excellent customer service and support. Noble Gold holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and an AA rating on the Business Consumer Alliance.

  • 5/5 stars based on 694 reviews on Consumer Affairs
  • 4.9/5 stars based on 417 reviews on Google Reviews
  • 5/5 stars based on 123 reviews on TrustLink
  • 4.9/5 stars based on 113 reviews on BBB (Better Business Bureau)

When looking at Noble Gold reviews and ratings, it’s clear that customers are mostly satisfied with their experience. While there are some negative reviews mentioning storage fees and limited non-IRA investment options, the overall feedback for Noble Gold is overwhelmingly positive across more than 1,500 of customer reviews found online.

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Positive Reviews in a Nutshell

Positive reviews for Noble Gold highlight the following:

  • Knowledgeable customer service representatives
  • Helpful educational resources
  • Competitive pricing, low fees
  • Excellent customer service
  • Exceptional support throughout the investment process, from account setup to purchasing precious metals.

These positive Noble Gold Investments reviews emphasize the value of working with a reputable and experienced company like Noble Gold, ensuring that investors can trust their advice and guidance as they navigate the world of precious metals investing.

Noble Gold Complaints

Negative reviews for Noble Gold mention concerns about storage fees and a lack of precious metal investment options outside of IRA accounts. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that these drawbacks are minimal compared to the overall benefits of investing with Noble Gold, such as their comprehensive IRA services, competitive fees, and excellent customer support.

Credit: PR
Credit: PR

As with any investment, it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons and make an informed decision based on your specific needs and goals. Overall, the positive reviews for Noble Gold far outweigh the negative reviews, making them a reliable and reputable choice for investing in precious metals.

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Precious Metals IRA Services

Noble Gold provides comprehensive precious metals IRA services, including gold and silver IRAs, to help investors diversify their portfolios and protect their wealth. With their extensive expertise in the precious metals industry and noble gold IRA options, they are well-positioned to assist investors in selecting the best investment options, such as precious metals IRAs, to suit their needs.

We’ll now examine the specific IRA services that Noble Gold offers, including Gold and Silver IRAs, to gain a clearer understanding of their benefits and features for investors.

Gold IRA

Gold IRAs offered by Noble Gold allow investors to include gold in their retirement portfolios, with a focus on high-quality and low-cost options. A Gold IRA is a self-directed Individual Retirement Account that enables investors to acquire and retain physical gold coins or bars that comply with the purity and quality standards stipulated by the Internal Revenue Service.

Investing in a Gold IRA with Noble Gold offers the opportunity to diversify retirement holdings and safeguard wealth. Their Gold IRA options prioritize high-quality and cost-effective options, ensuring that investors can enjoy the benefits of gold as a reliable investment that has consistently tracked inflation.

Silver IRA

Silver IRAs from Noble Gold provide investors with access to secure storage, popular silver investments, and potential applications in various industries. Investing in a Silver IRA offers multiple benefits. It provides protection in case of economic downturns, potential for capital appreciation, and the opportunity to diversify portfolio.

Noble Gold provides their customers with different types of silver IRA investments. These include American Silver Eagles and Canadian Silver Maple Leaf coins. With their Silver IRA services, investors can enjoy the benefits of tangible precious metals while ensuring the security and growth potential of their retirement portfolios.

Noble Gold Products

In addition to their IRA services, Noble Gold offers a variety of precious metal products, including gold and silver coins, platinum and palladium, and unique Royal Survival Packs. These products cater to a wide range of investment needs, providing investors with additional options for diversification and wealth protection.

We’ll now examine the specific product categories that Noble Gold offers, such as gold and silver coins, platinum and palladium, and Royal Survival Packs, to gain a clearer understanding of their benefits and features for investors.

Gold and Silver Coins

Gold and silver coins from Noble Gold provide investors with a range of options for diversifying their portfolios and protecting their wealth. They offer a selection of gold and silver coins, including American Gold Eagle Coins in 1/10oz, 1/4oz, 1/2oz, and 1oz denominations.

Investing in gold and silver coins from Noble Gold offers the following benefits:

  • Tangible assets that have consistently maintained their value over time
  • A crucial component of a well-diversified investment portfolio
  • Protection against market volatility and economic uncertainty.

Platinum and Palladium

Platinum and palladium products offered by Noble Gold give investors additional options for diversification and potential growth. Both platinum and palladium are precious metals with unique properties, making them valuable assets in various industries, such as automotive, electronics, and renewable energy.

Incorporating platinum and palladium into their investment portfolios allows investors to:

  • Tap into the growth potential of these metals
  • Further diversify their assets
  • Mitigate risk
  • Provide a more stable financial foundation for the future.

Royal Survival Packs

Royal Survival Packs from Noble Gold serve as a safety net for investors, with different amounts available for various investment levels. These packs consist of various gold coins of different denominations and provide an additional layer of security for those looking to protect their wealth in times of crisis or economic uncertainty.

Credit: PR
Credit: PR

There are six different levels of Royal Survival Packs offered by Noble Gold:

  • Noble Knight ($10,000 investment)
  • Noble Baron ($25,000 investment)
  • Noble Viscount ($50,000 investment)
  • Noble Earl ($100,000 investment)
  • Noble Marquess ($250,000 investment)
  • Noble Duke ($500,000 investment)

However, the company doesn't specify what specific precious metals are being offered in each of these packages.

Fees and Pricing

Noble Gold’s fee structure is competitive, with transparent IRA fees and reasonable non-IRA investment fees. As an investor, understanding the fees associated with your investments is crucial in making sure you’re obtaining the best value for your money.

We’ll now scrutinize the specific fees for IRA and non-IRA investments with Noble Gold to gain a clearer understanding of their pricing structure and how it stacks up against other providers in the industry.

IRA Fees

IRA fees from Noble Gold include no setup fee, an $80 annual service fee, and a $150 annual storage fee, with a low minimum investment of $2,000. These fees are competitive within the industry and ensure that investors can enjoy the benefits of precious metals investing without incurring excessive costs.

Noble Gold’s commitment to maintaining transparent and reasonable fees demonstrates their dedication to providing value for their clients and ensuring the accessibility of precious metals investing to a broad spectrum of individuals.

Non-IRA Investment Fees

Non-IRA investment fees from Noble Gold are competitive, but investors should compare prices with other companies to ensure they are getting the best deal. The minimum investment required for non-IRA purchases with Noble Gold is $5,000, and they offer an annual service fee of $80 and an annual storage fee of $150.

Understanding the fees linked to non-IRA investments enables investors to make informed decisions and ensure they are maximizing the value of their precious metals investments.

Getting Started with Noble Gold Investments

Getting started with Noble Gold Investments is a straightforward process, involving account setup and purchasing precious metals. Their user-friendly website and knowledgeable representatives ensure that investors can quickly and easily begin their journey to financial security through precious metals investing.

We’ll now go through the steps required to set up an account with Noble Gold and how to purchase precious metals as you embark on your journey to a more secure financial future.

Account Setup

Account setup with Noble Gold is simple, with educational resources and a contract form available to help investors get started. By visiting their website and following the instructions provided in their account setup process, you can quickly open an account and begin your investment journey.

Noble Gold also offers a variety of educational resources, such as webinars, tutorials, and FAQs, to assist investors in making well-informed decisions and understanding the benefits and risks associated with precious metals investing.

Purchasing Precious Metals

Purchasing precious metals through Noble Gold involves working with a representative to select the best products for your investment needs. Their comprehensive product offerings, including gold and silver coins, platinum and palladium, and Royal Survival Packs, provide investors with a wide range of options for diversification and wealth protection. As an investor who owns noble gold, you can be confident in the quality and value of your assets.

With the assistance of their knowledgeable representatives, investors can confidently choose the precious metals that best align with their financial goals and risk tolerance, ensuring a more secure and prosperous financial future.

Noble Gold IRA: Frequently Asked Questions

Is Noble Gold a good investment?

Noble Gold has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, offers secure storage facilities, transparent fees, and a variety of precious metals products, making it a reputable and reliable investment option for those looking to diversify their retirement portfolios by means of gold IRAs.

What is the minimum investment for noble gold?

Noble Gold requires a minimum investment of $2,000 for direct purchases of gold and silver, and $20,000 minimum investment if you’re rolling over your 401(k) or IRA to gold. Noble Gold Investments offers a variety of precious metals, including gold and silver, as well as platinum and palladium coins.

How does Noble Gold Investments work?

Noble Gold Investments enables customers to invest in gold through an IRA-approved process. You can purchase gold bars and coins for your gold-backed IRA without any hassle.

Who owns Noble Gold Investments?

Collin Plume and Charles Thorgren, two industry veterans with extensive experience in investments, are the founders of Noble Gold Investments, based in Pasadena, California.

What types of precious metals does Noble Gold offer for investment?

Noble Gold offers investments in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins and bars, giving you the opportunity to diversify your portfolio.

Noble Gold Review: Summary

In conclusion, Noble Gold Investments stands out as a reputable and reliable company in the precious metals IRA industry, offering comprehensive services, a wide range of investment products, and competitive fees. With their knowledgeable representatives, excellent customer service, and commitment to transparency, investors can trust Noble Gold to guide them on their journey to financial security through precious metals investing.

Noble Gold has several advantages and disadvantages when compared to alternative precious metals IRA providers, with a focus on customer service, product variety, and fees. While it’s essential to evaluate multiple providers before making a decision, many investors find that Noble Gold stands out as a top choice in the industry.

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Advantages of Noble Gold

One of the main advantages of Noble Gold is their comprehensive precious metals IRA services, offering a range of investment options and competitive fees. Their excellent customer support, as evidenced by numerous positive Noble Gold reviews, sets them apart from competitors and ensures that investors receive the guidance and assistance they need throughout the investment process.

Additionally, their wide variety of precious metal products, including gold and silver coins, platinum and palladium, and unique Royal Survival Packs, provides investors with ample options for diversifying their portfolios and protecting their wealth.

Disadvantages of Noble Gold

Despite their many advantages, there are a few disadvantages to consider when evaluating Noble Gold as an investment option. Some customers have expressed concerns about the survivalist vibe on their website and limited transparency regarding product details and non-IRA investment options.

However, these disadvantages are relatively minor when compared to the overall value and benefits provided by Noble Gold. Investors should weigh these drawbacks against the numerous advantages and positive customer experiences to make an informed decision about whether Noble Gold is the right choice for their precious metals investing needs.

As you consider your options for diversifying your portfolio and safeguarding your wealth, remember that Noble Gold Investments offers a unique combination of experience, expertise, and customer support to help you achieve your financial goals. Take the first step today and explore the world of precious metals investing with confidence and peace of mind.

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