One Name that is a Synonym of Interview on the Street Videos on YouTube is that of Simon Yalaza

Simon's format has found a steady fan base which is apparent by the huge number of followers his channel boasts of

 (photo credit: SIMON YALAZA)
(photo credit: SIMON YALAZA)
Today, Simon is a celebrated YouTuber who enjoys much adulation and fan following unlike many of his contemporaries. His videos have found a niche audience, and the numbers are racing ahead with full throttle. Many are unaware that Simon's foray into this digital medium was unplanned, and he accidentally stumbled upon this opportunity which made him an online sensation in no time. From his early days he was drawn towards acting, drama, and especially had a knack towards humour which was appreciated big time by people around him. He liked performing in front of the camera, and on one such occasion he recorded a video of his and uploaded it on Facebook. Little to his surprise,  the video went viral, and that made Simon think of creating more such videos, and he started toying with the idea, which finally paved way for his YouTube channel in 2017.

Being a media planner, Simon had the skills which were required to hold the audiences attention, and that was beautifully displayed in the way he handled his audience in his interview on the street videos which have become an all time favourite of netizens worldwide in present times. Today, Simon is no less than a celebrity with fans thronging to take selfies with him when they spot him on the streets. This talented YouTuber from Germany has made a strong foothold in the digital world, and his 600,000 strong fan following are enough proof of it.

Simon is also experienced in working with Suga Agency, a media company, and has rubbed shoulders with rappers like Kollegah, Farid Bang and Spongebozz. Simon has also been privileged of hosting the Kiss Cup which was officially sponsored by radio channel 98.8 Kiss FM along with renowned players like Kida Ramadan, Frederick Lau and Massiv in the Max-Schmeling-Halle in Berlin.

With so many achievements and fan following, it's not wrong to say that Simon has certainly attained nothing less than stardom of sorts, which is evident in the way he is winning hearts, with his work.