Opt Health & The Medical Industry's Shift Towards Digital

 (photo credit: OPT HEALTH)
(photo credit: OPT HEALTH)

It’s no secret. The medical field is becoming increasingly digitized.COVID-19 has accelerated the industry’s shift toward telehealth for a multitude of reasons, including the effort to minimize person-to-person contact and community spread.

Telehealth, video consultations, and healthcare applications have soared in popularity and as a result the medical market is transacting online at record-setting rates.

A prime example is the telehealth platform Opt Health, which brings an organized network of medical experts to a burgeoning user base of men over 35 to help them on a wide array of medical issues, from sleep to endocrine support to sexual vitality.

Opt's business model has thrived due to its ability to execute on its core value proposition despite COVID-19 restrictions: connecting patients with physicians that enjoy national prominence in the men’s health space. Opt has rapidly become an example of how a healthcare company can not only survive, but thrive, during a global pandemic.

According to Opt Health Founder Camilo Isaza, the four differentiators that make Opt Health the emerging gold- standard for men’s health are:

“(1) a core team with domain expertise and passion for our mission;

 (2) doctors that are experienced and highly-trained in preventive medicine and men’s health;

 (3) medically-proven and effective treatments and;

 (4) our proprietary telehealth platform built from the ground up with physician input that improves convenience and outcomes for all.”

Isaza went on to tell Yahoo News that the entire Opt Health team was “thrilled and inspired that we could build something so quickly that contributed toward helping our nation bounce back from a health crisis.”

Their company mission provides even more color on the challenge we all face, especially during these tumultuous times:

“Every day, we face the tension between who we want to be versus who we need to be. Often, we come up with short-term solutions to help us overcome immediate challenges and just get the job done. But health isn’t a new year’s resolution or a 30-day goal. It is the single most important factor in how we show up with our family, our friends, our work, and our communities. It allows us to be the best version of ourselves and take part in the experiences we most value. Yet, it is the first thing we are willing to sacrifice. Getting help may even feel like something that is out of reach or only for the privileged few.

Opt Health is here to make effective and efficient treatments and services accessible to you so that you can take back control of your health, and therefore your life. We empower you to find the path that unleashes your full potential.”

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