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Why did medieval haggadot include pictures of men pointing at their wives?

This long-forgotten Passover custom was dealt a bitter blow by a sharp wife in a 15th-century Haggadah.


Israeli ‘Tinder Swindler’ exposed in new Netflix film

Netflix's new documentary The Tinder Swindler tells the story of one Israeli man who cheated women out of millions.

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Cell phone usage linked to decline in sperm quality - study

Researchers found that cell phone use is indeed associated with reduced sperm motility, viability, and concentration.

Man claims COVID-19 caused his genitalia to shrink

A study concluded that the prevalence of erectile dysfunction (ED), measured with the Sexual Health Inventory for Men, was significantly higher in a COVID positive group.

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Should men shave?

Send this article to friends who shave. An experienced doctor claims that a beard is much healthier because it protects facial skin from bacteria. Here are the details.

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COVID lockdown demonstrated old-fashioned gender behavioral patterns

The lockdown served as a live social experiment, Austrian researchers say, and revealed men-women behavioral differences.

Man arrested for allegedly murdering UK female teacher

Sabina Nessa, 28, was murdered by a man while on a walk through a park to her friend's house.

A man receives a Covid-19 vaccine, at the Shaare Zedek hospital in Jerusalem, on January 3, 2021.

COVID-19: Study shows symptoms and testosterone levels in men are related

Low levels of testosterone could increase the severity of an illness.

 Hundreds of members of LGBT community protest surrogacy law in Tel Aviv

Israel needs to fix its surrogacy law - opinion

The Surrogacy Law, amended in 2018, allows married heterosexual couples and single women to have children through surrogacy, but not single fathers or same-sex couples.

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