Oral health strategies around the world

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(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Undoubtedly, oral health is one of the most sensitive issues today. This is why there are tons of oral health strategies worldwide specifically designed to help as many people as possible practice the best oral hygiene. One of the best oral health strategies is to pay visits to certified dentists, like Mississauga dentist Dr. Branch, from time to time, for dental checkups and treatment when necessary.  With this strategy, you can access essential, regular checkups that ensure that the teeth and enamel are always at their best no matter what. 

This article will consider some other top effective dental strategies practiced around the world that could help to maintain your oral health and keep your teeth at their shiny best all the time. Indeed, you will learn a few new tricks after reading this, especially if you ensure to read to the end. 

So, what are some of the best oral health strategies worldwide? Here's a look at our top picks. 

Using a fluoride-based toothpaste

Many people may not be aware that there are specific minerals in the enamel that ensure that your teeth stay strong, no matter what. To keep these minerals active and help fight against bacteria that attack the enamel, one of the best oral health strategies around the world is the use of fluoride-based toothpaste. Using this daily in toothpaste and mouthwash gives your tooth a fighting chance, instead of it being destroyed by the pressure of continuous use. However, it's always best to visit a dentist as soon as you notice a severe enamel erosion that would need the intervention of a more robust fluoride treatment. 

Don't rinse your mouth after brushing. 

We're all tempted to rinse out the toothpaste as soon as we're done brushing our teeth. However, a better oral health strategy is to spit it out only as washing your mouth gets rid of fluoride. Fluoride is an essential mineral that plays a massive role in helping to maintain optimum oral health. Therefore, it is a significant ingredient in toothpastes, and it would be counterproductive to rinse out what strengthens the tooth enamel and helps your teeth fight off the risk of tooth decay. Since you'll only be spitting out the excess toothpaste, the fluoride will continue to be effective as it stays on the teeth.

Brushing twice a day

As much as people are encouraged to brush twice a day, this is unfortunately not a common practice. Most people prefer to brush just once a day, and that's in the morning. However, it is much better to brush for at least two minutes before bed and then during the day. Most importantly, it would be best to use fluoride toothpaste due to the numerous benefits mentioned earlier. Still, to maintain good oral health, brushing twice every day is the key. Brushing at night effectively gets rid of plaques that encourage tooth decay. When plaques are not removed promptly through proper brushing, they will feed on any food remnant in the mouth and lead to gum decay. 

Floss before brushing

While it may seem better to floss after brushing, a better oral health strategy is to floss before brushing, as this is great for cleaning your teeth effectively. Cleaning between your teeth properly through flossing helps get rid of food debris and bacteria. This makes it easier for your brushing routine to remove plaques. Several studies confirm that you have a cleaner mouth when you floss before brushing. 


These are a few oral health strategies worldwide that have effectively reduced the incidences of mouth diseases. However, a lot still has to be done regarding sensitization on oral health issues. Most importantly, it is recommended that you visit a reputable dentist in your area for regular checkups. This ensures that you detect problems early and keep your teeth as healthy as possible. Indeed, with the tips that have been discussed in this article, you are on your way to better oral health. 

This article was written in cooperation with Richard O'Leary