Professional creator Romi Chase has risen through adversity

  (photo credit: Romi Chase )
(photo credit: Romi Chase )

Professional Creator Romi Chase has Risen Through Adversity

The adult content industry is one that is met with tension, at times. This tension manifests itself differently across the spectrum, and affects some more than others. Overall, there is a general stigma, which sometimes makes things complicated for entrepreneurs trying to peacefully make their living.

Plus size model Romi Chase often finds herself having to fend off attacks from aggressive and opinionated individuals who stumble upon her. 

Romi Chase is an extremely successful adult content creator, who’s attracted about 75,000 paying fans on her OnlyFans page. Romi also has a Twitter following of more than 550,000, and support from 400,000 fans on her Instagram.

The scale of Romi’s success is admirable, but that massive success has been both a blessing and a curse for her. While most people who consume Romi’s content clearly understand that it is a human in front of the camera, there are still far too many who only see an object.

When asked about the biggest challenges she faced in the industry, Romi says: “Thousands of haters and untamed men who send disgusting messages and unsolicited penis photos, body shaming, sexism, a horrible stalker who tried to kill me, threatened to burn me alive, shoot me, cut me up, and the list goes on.” The scale of her success has proven fruitful, but has also caused Romi some mental and emotional exhaustion. She is now adept at coping with these feelings, and even helps to coach girls in similar situations. 

Beyond dealing with uncouth fans, some of Romi’s biggest challenges actually come from the place you would least expect, the industry itself. The sheer scale of the jealousy from other adult content creators can be overwhelming, at best.

Contrary to popular belief, there are actually few places on the planet that are lonelier than the adult industry, which grows more competitive by the minute. Some within the industry, both powerful and not, have no qualms about leeching off the success of performers like Romi either. This competitive environment fosters animosity between creators, which may become problematic.

These challenges are then compounded by those who do not think adult content creators like Romi are worthy of any respect or dignity. Sometimes, this even extends to friends and family who will turn their backs on performers such as Romi. As a result, Romi often finds herself navigating through seriously murky waters. Even though the reward for her struggles has arguably made it all worth it, the reality is that you must be cut from the right cloth in order to become truly successful in the adult industry. Romi Chase epitomizes the necessary qualities. 

Romi is guided by inner strength and courage that was cultivated from a very young age, through sheer circumstance. Romi has always understood genuine pain and suffering, which has equipped her with the soft skills required to soar in the face of adversity.

Born and raised in Poland, Romi made the brave trip across the Atlantic following a spate of rotten luck and family betrayal. Moving to the United States with no family support and barely a dime in her pocket, Romi has since risen to become one of the most successful performers in her field.

Her list of achievements as an adult performer is seemingly endless, but she still has the space and energy to generate more goals for herself. One of those goals is to become a successful musician, and every indication is that she will achieve that.

Romi Chase has a story that requires a special kind of courage.

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