Profindler: a win-win for both clients and professionals

Profindler turns any smartphone into an efficient, simple and fast tool for finding professionals and managing your jobs as a freelancer

  (photo credit: SHUTTERSTOCK)
(photo credit: SHUTTERSTOCK)

Finding a professional is becoming more and more essential in our daily lives. We consume many products and services and accordingly we need more professionals from different fields who will help us repair these various products and navigate through the bureaucracy of modern society. Whether it's an electrician or plumber, an accountant or lawyer.

How was the idea for Profindler born?

Many years ago I worked as a programmer in a company that charged many euros an hour for a below-average programmer. I could not understand how and why other companies would purchase these services and were willing to pay such a high amount of money for such an unprofessional outcome. Following this and my desire to be my own master, I made the decision to become a freelancer and provide professional services that are really worth the money people pay.

At that time I met with two friends in a cafe and the conversation turned to problems working with professionals. Both of them said they had a hard time finding someone reliable who not only arrives on time but also does a good job. One friend was struggling with a plumber, the other a painter. They both said they were even willing to pay more as long as the quality is good, the response quick, and when there would be no need to deal with the same problem again one month later.

These gaps between the level of professionalism and the price and unreliability bothered me. I searched the web and could not believe that in the 21st century, with all the technology at our disposal, there is still no app that offers a comprehensive and fast solution for finding a professional and managing your jobs in a digital format. I'm not talking about applications for high-tech programming jobs, graphic designers and the like. There are some and they are excellent. I'm talking about an app for professionals from all other fields. At that moment I realized that the market needs something new that is suitable for the digital age we are in. Thus was born the concept behind Profindler. An app for finding professionals who charge a fair fee for their professional and reliable work.

Who are the users of Profindler?

Profindler is basically divided into two types of users: clients and professionals. The goal for both groups is to make their lives easier, but the approach for each is different. Our goal for clients is that they will be able to book the right professional in less than five minutes. Our goal for professionals is that they will be able to manage their jobs in less than five minutes.

We are currently a growing company, so it is worthwhile for professionals from all fields to join us now  in order to be among the first to appear at the top of the search results. Dozens of electricians and plumbers from all over the country have already joined us. Beside that, we are attentive to our users and take any suggestion for improvement very seriously. We have already implemented a number of them. We also provide quick support to anyone who requires it. We're here for you and we're not just saying that.

What are the advantages for clients in Profindler over other companies?

Profindler's point of view is that as private clients we do not want to have to deal with things that bother us. All we want is an easy and quick solution to our problem. So we set ourselves the goal of building a simple, convenient and fast platform. A client who is looking for a professional should describe the problem only once, set the times that are convenient for him to have the problem fixed, and receive a response from a number of suitable professionals within a short time.

There are countless other websites that offer a service for finding professionals, including reviews, but we at Profindler have come to disrupt the market. We believe that the concept of always having to call a professional on the phone in order to book him is wrong. With us, the description of the problem takes less than five minutes, and choosing the right professional, less than a quarter of an hour. In some cases the whole process takes even less than a minute.

This is exactly what the digital age means. Profindler leverages the capabilities of today's smartphones and browsers and allows clients to find and book a professional whenever they need with just one click. In addition we offer a secure payment service.

What is the secure payment service?

The secure payment service is intended to ensure the reliable and professional execution of the job and can be activated depending on the type of work ordered. For example when hiring an electrician or plumber. It is not available when hiring a babysitter or a cleaner.

After the professional has appraised the job they name its price. With the help of a credit card we transfer the payment to a trust account and allow for a one week period to check that the job was done properly and that the client is happy. If we find damages or hidden or inflated costs, the money will be returned to the client and will not be transferred to the professional.

What about business clients?

For business clients the benefits of employing freelancers are clear. Especially for small companies without a human resources department. The payment is precise and is calculated only for the job. Among other things, there is no need to deal with the bureaucracy of social security, income tax and so on.

We are here to change the labor market so it will become more similar to the U.S. in terms of the number of freelancers. There is a reluctance in our country that stems from a number of misconceptions regarding the difficulty of becoming a freelancer. It is true that it took a little too long, but now it is already possible to file income tax reports digitally. The number of freelancers in our country is about 13% of the labor force. By comparison, the U.S. is already approaching 50% and the expectation is that it will only grow. The more freelancers join, the more companies can hire the services of programmers, graphic designers, content writers, photographers, reporters and more. One can also start working as a freelancer as a side job with minimal risk. According to our win-win philosophy both parties win. The employers from what was mentioned above and the freelancers from their ability to earn more, be their own masters and plan their time according to their needs and desires independent of their employer.

What sort of professionals can offer their services?

The term ‘professional’ applies to anyone who can offer a freelance service - not only electricians, plumbers and cleaners. This is one of the great benefits of Profindler. Perhaps it is more suitable to call them freelancers. We appeal to everyone from all branches - including programmers, graphic designers, tutors.

A grandmother likes to knit? She can offer her knitting services and clients can request a sweater, wool hat, socks and more. Someone knows how to repair punctures in a bicycle? He can offer his services and clients with a puncture will be able to go about their business within a quarter of an hour instead of wasting time looking for a bike shop, paying at least double and taking the bike only the next day. Someone has some spare time? She can take a number and stand in line at the post office, the municipal services, or anywhere else instead of people who do not have the energy or time to do so. She informs them ten minutes before it is their turn and saves them many hours of waiting in line. You possess a drill, a hammer or a ladder? You can lend them for free or for some extra change. Missing a category? Tell us and we'll add it. With Profindler everything is possible.

What are the advantages of being a freelancer in Profindler compared to other companies?

As a professional, or freelancer, job offers flow onto your private dashboard and all you have to do is accept or reject them with one click. Beyond the convenience and simplicity of operation, Profindler also syncs the office and meeting schedule into the smartphone and makes the whole process of finding a job as a freelancer and managing it much easier. Another advantage is the ability to send invoices. Since everything is digital and the job details are known, at the end of each job there is also the option to send an invoice with one click to the client thus once again saving paperwork and a lot of time. And all for free. Our revenue comes from advertisements.

What sets Profindler apart from the gig economy?

Profindler does not represent the gig economy and its goal to get rich at the expense of other people. It is the exact opposite. Profindler's goal is for people to earn honestly and in direct proportion to their level of professionalism. It is important to emphasize this. Profindler's goal is not generating money. Obviously money is a nice to have byproduct, but it is not the goal. So, unlike companies that promised not to be evil but make uncontrolled use of our personal information in order to maximize their profits, or companies that marketed themselves as the protectors of our privacy in a shining product but actually follow us, eavesdrop us, and exploit weak employees to maximize their line of profit, Profindler believes in professionalism, fairness and reliability. This means that we maintain the privacy of our users, we always keep our word, and we really want everyone to benefit - even at our own expense. Our goal is to truly make life easier for all of us and always on a win-win basis.


Profindler is a start-up company in a growing market of freelancing professionals and their clients. It is a company that wants to disrupt the market and change the form of communication between clients and professionals while helping them in managing their work. Profindler makes its services accessible to everyone in the simplest and most convenient way. 

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This article was written in cooperation with Profindler