Rabbi Pinto: "Don’t raise your hands against your children. It is risky"

  (photo credit: Shuva Israel)
(photo credit: Shuva Israel)

In a class he gave in Morocco, Rabbi Pinto referred to the phenomenon of parents who hit their children thinking this is part of their education. He said that it is crossing all red lines | Watch his full words

In a class he gave in Morocco to his students, Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto warned against the use of physical or verbal violence with one’s children and family.

Referring to the phenomenon of parents who hit their children thinking this is part of their education, Rabbi Pinto said that it is crossing all red lines.

He explained: "Children's education is an extremely important thing. There is a phenomenon of parents who hit their children. They utilize physical violence or even verbal violence. One may not raise his hand against children. One may not hit children. A person cannot raise his hand against his children, and one who does - this is a sign that he has something inside him that is not good."

"If the child misbehaves at school," Rabbi Pinto added, "he shouldn’t be yelled at. You have to check why he's behaving badly. Maybe he has problems at home, maybe something is bothering him and causing him distress. You always have to look for the root."

"When the parents utilize violence in their family - it becomes a dangerous thing. Anything that involves violence - is perilous. Violence is very dangerous. You have to run away from it with all your might," Rabbi Pinto added in his class.

This is not the first time that Rabbi Pinto refers to the issue of education. A few months ago, in a talk he gave in Los Angeles, Rabbi Pinto said that "Educating children is not a business. Educating children is not a job. Educating children means touching the mind and soul of the children."

Rabbi Pinto added: "People who run the schools and the Torah Talmud school system sometimes do not understand the depth of education. They do not understand what education is. A teacher who comes to a Talmud Torah and takes out his frustration on the children and takes out all the problems he has at home with his family on the children - He destroys and breaks the children’s psyche and the children suffer from it all their lives. They will be hurt and bruised their entire lives."

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