Rabbi Pinto’s advice to avoid troubles and sick children

  (photo credit: Shuva Israel)
(photo credit: Shuva Israel)

In recent days, Rabbi Pinto called on his students to be more careful about watching their speech and loving their fellow Jews. "A person who causes grief to his friend and brings him to tears - the Holy One, blessed be He, collects the tears and helps the victim, because God seeks out the persecuted. One must therefore be very careful not to hurt any person," said Rabbi Pinto.

Rabbi Pinto added: "A person should do his utmost to avoid putting himself in the category of a 'persecutor.' There are people who wrong others. A person can easily tell himself, “I’ll treat him the same way. I’ll give it back to him.” No! Keep silent! Leave it in the Almighty’s hands. The Holy One, blessed be He, knows what should be done and how to do it. Don’t take it upon yourselves. It won’t end good. Leave it to Him."

Watch his full words:

Rabbi Pinto said: "I am saying these things because I heard before I came here that there are some who are causing grief to their fellow Jews. I feel terrible anguish when a Jew harms another Jew. There is no forgiveness for it."

"A person has to be very careful in his interpersonal relations - he has to be exceedingly careful - and one can never sit in judgment on another person. Judge your friends to the side of merit.”

Rabbi Pinto added that a person has to pay a price for everything: "People get sick, children get sick, there are troubles and problems and a person doesn't know why it is happening to him. Therefore a person should be careful with other people's money, not to take it and not to cause harm. These things are very dangerous."

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