Real Estate expert Scott Scheel shows people how to win in commercial real estate

 (photo credit: SCOTT SCHEEL)
(photo credit: SCOTT SCHEEL)

Commercial real estate is among the most viable investment opportunities that have turned many investors into remarkably successful billionaires. Even though some are making the most out of the commercial real estate, many aspiring investors find it difficult to grow in the industry. J. Scott Scheel, a real estate mogul with over 23 years of experience, has taken upon himself to train and educate young aspiring investors on how to succeed in the field. 

Born on 8th December 1967, Scheel is an American author, motivational speaker, commercial real estate investment expert, business coach, entrepreneur, screenwriter, actor, and film producer. Scheel, a self-made billionaire, struggled to make a name himself in the real estate industry initially but found success through hard work and commitment. He did not have a college degree or any formal commercial real estate background or training. He was driven by the desire to make it in life. After working in various business ventures, Scheel was confident that the commercial real estate investment was the only way to create wealth for himself. Over the years, Scheel has risen through the industry's ranks to become one of the most successful real estate investors. Currently, he manages property over 6 million square feet in the commercial real estate space and has been crowned twice as the congressional businessman of the year by the Wall Street Journal.  

With the passion for impacting other people's lives, Scheel founded the Commercial Academy, which he wholly owns and manages. The academy is a complete resource center for any aspiring person in the commercial real estate industry. Through the correct principles and practices, Scheel believes anyone can make money and grow their wealth exponentially. The Commercial Academy offers different sets of online courses that educate people on the commercial real estate ins and outs. The courses offered include; Introductory Resources, Comprehensive Apartment Investing Programs, Comprehensive Commercial Investing Programs, and Retail Strip Mining. 

The Introductory Resource course teaches aspiring entrepreneurs and already existing investors how to develop the right foundations to ensure a successful and profitable career in the commercial real estate career.  

The Comprehensive Commercial Investment Program educates young investors on the best wealth-generating prospects within the commercial real estate industry. The program is a 30-hour video course content with an extensive electronic book reference. 

The Comprehensive Apartment Investing Program aims at imparting investors with no prior experience of the industry to include the primary and most essential aspects along with the different shapes and sizes of the multifamily real estate apartments. 

With Real Strip Mining, Scheel can teach his students how to examine, buy, or add value to any commercial property. These are necessary skills that every investor should possess to succeed in the real estate industry. 

Aside from the commercial academy, Scheel is a devoted motivational and influential speaker who offers coaching and consultancy services, including those who seek hands-on and private mentorship programs. He has also established the Commercial HUBTM, a commercial academy product that enables investors to analyze property valuation reports to make informed futuristic investment decisions. 

Scheel wants to influence, educate, and impart his students with the necessary commercial real estate skills with all these programs. He hopes to enable them to gain financial freedom, transform their lives and create generational wealth from commercial real estate.