Roman Royale: There is Always Light in the Darkness

 (photo credit: ROMAN ROYALE)
(photo credit: ROMAN ROYALE)

With the job market paradigm shifting from sedentary office jobs to mobile occupations enabled by ubiquitous internet technologies, and multitasking becoming a norm rather than an exception, a new breed of entrepreneurs is emerging. They utilize the limitless self-promotion engines of social media to develop and grow their brands—capitalizing on the world's growing dependence on technology and digital operations. Bright business ideas are often propelled to success in proportion with their number of social media followers—the modern-day yardstick of achievement. The advent of digital marketing is making it possible to use social media to launch new ventures, promote businesses, and make companies and brands noticed quite often simply through the appeal of individuals with a high social media profile. The economics textbooks of the past apparently need to be rewritten to account for this phenomenon. 

One such entrepreneur is Roman Royale. The LA-based creative is a founder of several businesses that he put together in the last five years after his arrival to the bustling city, thanks to his unique combination of attributes. He is a “people’s person,” as he puts it, and an invincible optimist. “There could be 100 things to be upset about and feel defeated by, but if I can latch on to something positive to get me through it then I can come out on top 10/10 times,” confesses Roman. “Consistency is the most important thing in anything—that’s the only way to grow. I do my best to share moments, spread positivity,  and hopefully inspire people every day even if it’s in the slightest way,” adds Roman.

Most importantly, Roman inspires people with his lifestyle. Having amassed an impressive following of over 100K, by becoming active in the LA social scene, he turned into a type of “nightlife virtuoso.” Having spent 5 years with SBE Entertainment Group, he made many connections in and outside of Hollywood. Roman shares his life’s moments and adventures that include parties, travel, and the memorable experiences of his life that shape his social media audience. Using his skills, he developed his personal brand—Roman Royale—which is a testament to his natural sales talent. Social media is a two-way street for him. “I find so much inspiration on social media, it’s one huge magazine of life that I constantly scroll through for new ideas or just to get away for a second and be entertained. It’s an absolutely outstanding platform for business as well, so in any sense of marketing it is a huge tool in this era,” says Roman.

Among his business ventures is a jewelry brand called Room13 Los Angeles, which is locally made and designed. The brand was co-founded with Roman’s friend Lauren Steele and launched on Instagram in 2016, appealing to the young and trendy. “We wanted to be able to create something that we could share with our friends and the world. Since I’ve always been into fashion, I figured why buy jewelry when I can make it?” he says. Most recently the brand partnered with social media personality Tana Mongeau, for an exclusive design. The collaboration, which sold out at record speed, is a perfect example of the innovative strategies Roman implements in his work. Beyond jewelry, he is constantly on the lookout for new projects, never resting on his laurels, and eager to expand his range of work. Finding inspiration in challenges and wanting to be part of new things, he stays “unapologetically himself.” Another factor that immensely contributes to his success is Roman’s inherent team spirit and talent in making the right connections. “I’m particular about the people I work with—so if I like somebody who wants to try a new venture out together, I’m super inclined to seeing how we work together as a team,” says Roman. 

Roman attributes his success to a quote that inspires him, “if at first you don’t succeed, pick yourself up and try again,” he adds “we all fail, but the difference between someone who fails and keeps going versus someone who fails and doesn’t, is simply success.” Combined ``with his penchant for finding “light in the darkness”—which he explains as simply finding something positive in bad times to get through the situation—Roman definitely has the recipe for a good life. In keeping with the theme of positivity, the impact he hopes to make on the world is simply making people really happy, “I think one of the most powerful things we can do for another is to bring happiness—that’s priceless,” he says.

Fuelling Roman’s social media clout and business success is his unabating enthusiasm that keeps him going and constantly pushes him towards new opportunities. To find out more about Roman’s new business ventures, projects, and to get a glimpse into his lifestyle, check out his Instagram.

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