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We live in very interesting times in which the tempo of change is the most rapid in history.

 (photo credit: RUBIN LAW OFFICE)
(photo credit: RUBIN LAW OFFICE)
We live in very interesting times in which the tempo of change is the most rapid in history. The social, economic, and legal environment is in constant flux. In that regard, we require the services of reputable law firms that can be depended upon to help us navigate the many pitfalls of 21st-century society. There are many because people get married and divorced, they make wills and endowments, buy and sell real estate, sue and are sued. In these circumstances, people are in need of trustworthy legal counsel.

One such example is the Jerusalem-based law firm of husband and wife team Morris and Tamar Rubin. Established in 1984, Rubin Law Office handles a variety of legal matters. These include the sale and acquisition of real estate. In this context, it is one of the few law firms that specialize in property transactions in the areas of Judea and Samaria. The firm also deals with civil litigation, family law, prenuptial agreements, representation in family court and rabbinical court, debt collection/relief and bankruptcy proceedings. It is also empowered to prepare enduring power of attorney. In addition, the law firm offers notary services.

Morris Rubin was born and raised in Cape Town and graduated from the University of Cape Town in 1974 with degrees in law and economics. He also holds a MSc. in management from Boston University/Ben-Gurion University. He offers legal opinions on South African legal issues, mainly to South African olim who have interests in their native country.

Tamar Rubin was born in the United States. She made aliya from Chicago in 1977 and received her law degree from Bar-Ilan University.

Dealing in real estate issues such as the sale or acquisition of property by local and overseas clients is one of the firm’s major activities. Many people believe that buying or selling a property is a simple, straightforward matter. It is not. It involves a series of bureaucratic procedures such as registering the transaction at the land registry offices in Israel. No one should undertake the maze of these bureaucratic entities without the assistance of a reputable law firm. Furthermore, when buying or selling real estate, one should ensure that the transaction assures the best interests of all the parties concerned. A clumsily or sloppily written contract may jeopardize the title deeds of the property.

(photo credit: RUBIN LAW OFFICE)

Dealing with personal and family matters is another issue of prime importance to the firm. The rate of divorce is increasing rapidly. Lawyers must draw up papers regarding the division of property and the support of the offspring.

Life expectancy is also increasing. This means that the need for medical powers of attorney and enduring powers of attorney is increasing rapidly. Many people fear that an accident may temporarily disable them and their ability to make decisions or they may incur more lasting disability due to old age. An enduring power of attorney is a very sensitive document and must be expertly prepared to protect the interests of the principals.

A boutique type of family law firm can be very suitable for those looking for a personal service law firm; one with the individual touch that gives clients an ear to listen to their problems and concerns and a voice that can suggest viable solutions.

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Attorney and notary MORRIS RUBIN was born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. He graduated from the University of Cape Town in 1974 with degrees in Law and Economics. He also holds a MSc. in Management from Boston University/Ben-Gurion University. In private practice in Jerusalem since 1984, he specializes in Real Estate, Wills and Deceased Estates, commercial law, and is a notary public, and as such – explains and signs young couples on prenuptial agreements. His expertise in real estate representations in general, and Judea and Samaria in particular, is sought after especially by overseas clients. He also provides expert opinions on South African law.
Attorney TAMAR RUBIN, born and raised in the United States, made aliya from Chicago in 1977, and received her law degree from Bar-Ilan University. In private practice since 1984, she specializes in civil litigation, family law, representation in both Family Court and Rabbinical Courts, Hotza'ah L'phoal (execution office) and bankruptcy proceedings. Additionally, she is empowered to prepare Enduring Powers of Attorney. The personal touch gives the client an ear for listening to the problems and worries, and a voice to express them and to seek a solution.
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