Ryan Dossey Shares his Journey from Being a W2 Employee to a Successful Real Estate Investor

Ryan Dossey, owns a call center, BallPoint Marketing Company, and a mastermind named CCF, shares his story and sheds light on how he penetrated a competitive market and made a name for himself.

 (photo credit: RYAN DOSSEY)
(photo credit: RYAN DOSSEY)
Ryan started his career as a W2 employee who made an annual income of 21K pre-tax. He barely made ends meet and saved sufficient money for his down payment on the first few rentals by flipping houses and using wholesaling tactics. He then quit his W2 job and employed the Brrrr method to expand on a larger scale.

It wasn’t always this easy at the beginning. He had to fund his initial real estate business by investing $3,000 on a credit card as he couldn’t afford to pay otherwise. He was also the sole earner of his family, so he was under a lot of debt and pressure.  

He began working for 18-20 hours a day and took all the work upon himself. But when he realized that this working routine was not sustainable, he then had to hire a dependable workforce to make sure that tasks were conducted optimally. 

Each hire was one that I couldn’t really afford but knew that I couldn’t afford not to,” shares Ryan.

Even though hiring additional workers was the demand of the business, Ryan couldn’t afford to hire them and couldn’t even function without them.

But he remained steadfast and streamlined his aim and goal that he wanted to achieve. He strived towards helping solopreneurs and individuals with day jobs to transform into accomplished full-time real estate investors.

He shared his favorite quote that kept him motivated and inspired. He abided by this compelling saying of Helen Keller and dreamed big and didn’t settle for anything less:

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. – Helen Keller”

For him, his business was all about winning over people and connecting with them. He wasn’t in the business of making money, but in the one where he got to make new friends.

He explained that his secret to success was how he exceeded the expectations of customers and built unmatched core values that resulted in a win-win transaction. He condensed his beliefs as:

All of our marketing, branding, and core values are geared towards “How to win friends and influence people” practices”.

He reached where he is today by funding projects he had faith in. He helped other investors succeed and subsidized causes that he was passionate about. This way, he engaged to the fullest and with his true heart.

According to Ryan: “Getting emails or slack messages from folks who are applying what we share and getting results always makes my day.

Ryan added how he teaches his clients to become more self-sufficient and stay true to themselves. He is building a community of trust-worthy investors and is educating them about what his company does.

Ryan struggled a lot and started everything from scratch and, at such a young age, he has accomplished a lot, just because of his undeterred perseverance.