Sabine and Milan Explain What Fueled Them to Start Dormzi

 (photo credit: DORMZI)
(photo credit: DORMZI)
Dormzi is a platform for students to start their online stores to showcase their skills and sell products to grow their businesses. But how did it begin, and what do the co-founders plan next? Today, we have Sabine and Milan with us talking about Dormzi. It's a pleasure to have them with us, and we hope to learn more about the company by the end of this interview.

Q: Thanks to both of you for making time for us today. Can you share the story of Dormzi and how it all started?

A: Well, thank you for inviting us here today. We started a task-based service exchange app back in 2019 that allowed students to connect with their peers to complete different tasks. It was strictly a service exchange platform powered by students.

We got this idea while we were in high school. We saw so many talented students with unique skillsets. This gave us the idea of empowering students on our campus and building meaningful relationships, helping them make money and lead a better college experience.

It took us time to bring this idea to life. But Dormzi 1.0 didn't turn out to be as effective as we had imagined. We got a lot of feedback, implemented them into our new project, and a couple of years later came up with a better version of Dormzi.

Q: What is different in the new version of Dormzi?

A: The new Dormzi isn't just a platform that brings value to students. It also empowers them to start their businesses. We want students to use our platform and start online stores to become successful entrepreneurs by the time they graduate.

We believe that the spectrum of skillsets is beyond our imagination. While Dormzi 1.0 wasn't able to account for such a wide range of skills, the new version certainly does. We have made this an open platform so that like-minded students can connect and find co-founders and collaborators to expand their businesses.

We understand how challenging it is for small businesses to find young talent. But with the new version of Dormzi, you have the opportunity to meet talented and hardworking students whose skills were previously overlooked.

Q: How can students make the most of the Dormzi marketplace?

A: Dormzi marketplace allows students to monetize their skills by creating online stores where they can sell whatever they like. It can be graphic designs, performing arts, programming, illustrations, or anything in between.

Students can chat with business owners, individuals, and fellow entrepreneurs to get real-life experience of the do's and don'ts they need to keep in mind while starting a business. We want to give students the tools they need to become successful entrepreneurs because we know that they have the talent to make their dreams come true.

Well, thank you for sharing so much about Dormzi. We wish you all the best to nurture young minds and give them a chance that others would usually not give.