Safe ways to get more Instagram followers in 2022

  (photo credit: Twicsy)
(photo credit: Twicsy)

Billions of people use Instagram around the world to keep track of their friends’ exploits, check out new content from influencers, and see what products and services businesses are offering.

What started as a simple platform to upload pictures has evolved into one of the most relevant social media platforms in the world.

People want to have as many followers on Instagram as possible, as the platform provides clout to both business owners and influencers. If you are struggling in your attempts to gain a larger following, below are five tips that you may find useful. 

Here are the best ways to get more Instagram followers safely.

Tip 1: Buy Instagram Followers on Twicsy and Buzzoid

Anyone who wants more followers on Instagram should often seek the simplest solution: buy them off the market. There are many great websites, such as Twicsy and Buzzoid, that offer you the chance to increase your follower count with real people.

  (credit: Twicsy) (credit: Twicsy)

  (credit:  Buzzoid) (credit: Buzzoid)

Twicsy and Buzzoid are two of the most prominent platforms to secure Instagram followers, likes and views, as they use the latest techniques to ensure every follower added to your account is legitimate. They were also voted the best site to buy Instagram followers by Men’s Journal, USMagazine & Atlanta Magazine.

If you have any fear about your Instagram account being compromised as a result of buying bot followers, you can feel safe using both the Twicsy and Buzzoid services. Both vendors prides themselves on offering high-quality and premium followers for knockdown prices.

Adding followers in this manner can boost your account significantly. Rather than spending months trying to get a few thousand more followers, you can add 10,000 or 20,000 within days.

Another tip to avoid any issues while buying followers is to ask for staggered delivery over a period of several days or weeks. If you want a total of 100,000 followers and currently have 10,000, then adding 90,000 followers in a few days would look suspicious.

Tip 2: Have a Great Bio

When people first visit your Instagram profile page, what are they seeing? Their attention immediately goes to your name, bio and the main picture you have put up of yourself.

All of these elements must stand out and exemplify your personal or commercial brand, if you want to increase your follower count. Take the time to find the ideal picture that you can use on Instagram for many months. Do not constantly change your picture, as it may confuse new followers.

Your bio should have all the relevant information you want people to know if they stumble on your page. Explain your name, age, and what you do. Even include a link to your website or other social media accounts, if you want to cross-promote them on Instagram.

Given the limited space for a bio, you will have to be creative in what you say. Using phrases and brief lines to describe yourself is acceptable, as you want to convey a lot of relevant information in a small space.

Tip 3: Use Hashtags

The best way to navigate Instagram is to search hashtags, which is how most people find new content related to their interests. Say you are making videos about gardening. 

You should use relevant hashtags that gardening enthusiasts frequent on Instagram, as that would result in your pictures showing up in their search results pages. If your account has more followers, your posts show up higher on the results pages, which can only boost your account even more.

Be careful to only use relevant hashtags on your pictures. Some people have a habit of adding 50 hashtags to a single post, which can feel spammy and redundant. Stick to five or six at the most, or even less if possible.

Tip 4: Involve Yourself in Relevant Conversations

People often perceive Instagram as a simple platform where you go to see photographs and videos taken by celebrities, influencers, businesses, and your friends or family. While that may be the case for some, Instagram offers a lot more as a platform.

Many relevant conversations take place on Instagram every day. People receive information about topics ranging from computer games to electronic gadgets to politics to social justice issues.

If you want to get more followers, do not hesitate to post about relevant topics to your followers. You should also comment on posts that you find engaging. Replying to comments you receive on your post is also helpful, as that can create a dialogue with your followers.

Be careful with what you say, especially regarding politics, as you do not want to offend a segment of your followers. If you are confident in your beliefs, you should speak your mind.

Tip 5: Partner with Local Businesses

The connection between influencers and local businesses is a mutually beneficial one. If you are hoping to become famous by having a large following on Instagram, you likely have a few hobbies that take up the focus of your account.

Find local companies that are also involved in those sectors, as you can form a connection with them, especially if your account gets a larger following. Companies are always willing to send free products, samples, or discounts to influencers, in exchange for one or more posts about the company’s products and services.

Ensure you are partnering with companies that you have researched and assessed, as you do not want to dilute the way your audience sees you as an expert on a particular topic or hobby. That way, you can continue to engage in partnerships with businesses, while maintaining your brand on social media.

Make the Most of Instagram

One of the reasons why people gravitate towards Instagram is because of the layout. Everything feels so exciting and modern, allowing people to get a quick glimpse into the lives of others.

If you want more people to follow your store or buy the products that you are selling, you need a lot more followers on Instagram.

Buying followers will help you a lot, especially if you use a safe platform. Other strategies, such as having a compelling bio, using relevant hashtags, and speaking up about popular topics will all help you gain a larger audience on the platform.

This article was written in cooperation with GetMoreInstagramFollowers