Should you shop on Temu?

  (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

Temu is the newest development to your online shopping portals, and it is now available as a mobile app. A dependable and efficient platform for stress-free shopping, Temu is the online marketplace that offers superior products at competitive costs. But should you really be shopping at Temu, and is this site safe and legitimate?

While the app may seem like a newcomer, it is part of the Nasdaq-listed PDD e-commerce group. The group has built up a global sourcing and fulfillment network that includes more than 11 million manufacturers and suppliers producing top-quality consumer goods internationally, and are reputable, globally renowned merchants. 

This means that the products listed on Temu are made by some of the top manufacturers in the world using the most efficient methods to bring down the cost of production - and these savings are passed on to you, the shopper! 

Temu's easy-to-use ordering process is what makes it so appealing. Temu users can search among thousands of products and buy what they need with just a few taps. Temu makes online shopping simple and efficient, from adding items to your cart to paying for your order. How do we know? We tested it out, of course! 

Shopping on Temu - Our Experience

User Interface

Opening the app for the first time, we could clearly see the homepage with various recommended products to choose from. Both the app and the Temu website feature a light, organized design with highlighted features and reviews right on top of the page. Temu has a drop-down menu for its categories, and an accurate search engine as well. 

Our team had no difficulty browsing through Temu for some innovative kitchenware, trendy outfits, and much-needed office supplies, especially as the site recommends different products based on each individual user’s tastes and preferences. The more you use the app, the more accurate the recommendations it gives!

Ordering Process

The ordering process is very simple: just tap on an item, add it to cart, and checkout. Once you’ve filled in all the necessary information to complete the transaction, the ordering process becomes even more smooth and convenient. The app saves your information for future use, so you won’t have to input your name, address, and contact information each time you check out your cart.

Essentially, the ordering process is almost identical to the ordering process of other online shopping sites. You may be pleased to know that there isn’t any big shift in the ordering process on Temu versus other shopping sites, which is convenient as the online shopping process is already a familiar procedure to avid shoppers. 


Easy and secure payment is one of the perks Temu has over its competitors! Temu accepts most popular forms of payment, including credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, etc.), online payment gateways (PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay), and even pay-later schemes (Klarna, Afterpay). 


Temu explains that their delivery period may take anywhere from one week to 15 days as their warehouses and fulfillment centers are located overseas. However, our order arrived in a little over a week with all items included and carefully packed. 


One team member purchased the Mini Rhinestone Decor Chain Crossbody Bag for $4.89, which was featured right on the homepage of the site under style guides. The product arrived true to its photo, and we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the bag, which was better than what we expected for its price. 

Another member of the team purchased a Halloween Pet Sweater for only $1.15, which was thick and of good quality, and had a fairly accurate size guide included in its product listing. Plus, they arrived just in time for Halloween! 

While Temu is a new challenger in the e-commerce space, it has already amassed thousands of users delighted with the site’s features and products. The app is a must-have for any enthusiastic online shopper. Check out the site today at Temu, or download the app for shopping on-the-go!

This article was written in cooperation with Cardinal Digital