Stafford Schlitt is the Serial Entrepreneur to Keep an Eye On

 (photo credit: STAFFORD SCHLITT)
(photo credit: STAFFORD SCHLITT)


Tapping into the limitless potential of emerging markets can be quite the task, as they can yield tremendous gains that are every appealing to adept entrepreneurs. Marketing and branding are key ingredients to flourish in such markets, as the lack of these necessary elements is sure to be a recipe for disaster. Stafford Schlitt is a serial entrepreneur that has attained widespread success in various emerging markets, creating a process that parallels that of a turn-key business model, one that can be utilized in almost any field.

Schlitt’s first successful venture was his collaboration with famous singer-songwriter Teyana Taylor, creating an online fitness platform called Fade2Fit. Taylor was the star of Kanye West’s music video “Fade”, which featured Taylor performing jaw-dropping dance moves in an empty gym. A number of prominent individuals in the entertainment industry reached out to Schlitt, telling him that it was time for Taylor to capitalize on the growing industry of health and fitness. Her stunning figure blew everyone away, even more so because she attained this physique after the birth of her first child. Schlitt then carefully researched fitness programs of renowned trainers, he also looked at what various people and celebrities were saying about health and fitness on a wide range of social media platforms. The product of his research and growing demand in the industry was an online fitness platform, Fade2Fit. The online fitness platform displayed Taylor’s dance routines, which were the focal point of her flawless body. Schlitt capitalized on the popularity of the online fitness program to create a clothing line, designed by Taylor herself, also called Fade2Fit.

Attaining success in one emerging market already speaks volumes about the business prowess of an individual, but applying their skillset to parallel the same success in a polar opposite industry is a monumental achievement. When cryptocurrency was gaining traction in the financial world, Schlitt created a Bitcoin mining facility in Oklahoma. The main expense in Bitcoin mining is electricity, after careful research, Schlitt identified Oklahoma as a region which had the cheapest costs of electricity, eventually leading to a greater profit. The mining facility was so successful that it was eventually bought out by a publicly traded company.

Fresh Juice cleansing has been a big market in many major cities, as the health and wellness industry continues its rapid growth. Little West Juice is a company that makes fresh juices with healthy ingredients, each blend serves a unique purpose. From hydration, immunity, and anti-inflammatory blends, each one has the proper ingredient to aid a consumer with whatever they are looking for. This is not your typical orange or apple juice, but a juice that caters to the unique need of each consumer. Little West sought out Schlitt in order to scale their business, and to help create brand awareness in this growing market. Schlitt used his vast network of celebrities, athletes, and other influential individuals to create brand awareness, and take Little West to new heights. Schlitt came on board only a year ago, and in the past year, Little West grew to the point where it is stocked by popular coffee shops like Alfred’s and Groundwork Coffee. It can also be found at major grocery stores like Gelson’s and Bristol Farms, and Whole Foods on the west coast. Little West also supplies the corporate headquarters of Netflix and Apple. The brand has grown so quickly over the past year that many public companies have tried to acquire the juice company. It is also in the process of being launched in one of the biggest retailers in the country. Be on the lookout for Little West in your favorite coffee shops and grocery stores.

Presently, Schlitt is going after one of the biggest emerging markets to date, the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic. He has created a hand sanitizer company called FRSH Hands, it is FDA registered and manufactured in the USA. FRSH HANDS is an easy-to-use spray, with no lasting odor or fragrance, post-use. A stainless steel, contact free dispenser is also in the works- it can be attached to walls and elevators, among other things. Schlitt is also working on a female specific sanitizer, the sanitizer is a microbial lotion that won’t have the sticky properties associated with typical hand sanitizer.

Although his company is fairly new compared to the big brands, it is already being used by front offices of NBA and MLB teams, and is trusted by the front offices of popular companies like Fiji Water, Sketchers, and Steve Madden. The quality of FRSH Hands is also top of the line, evidenced by listing it as one of the top selling hand sanitizers.

Schlitt’s unique skillset of creating brand awareness, marketing, and large database of influential people is sure to make FRSH HANDS a staple in the hand sanitizer market. Schlitt is helping people stay fresh and safe in such precarious times.

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