Super Luxury Group is Setting the Gold Standard for Luxury Homes

 (photo credit: SUPER LUXURY GROUP)
(photo credit: SUPER LUXURY GROUP)

Miami is well-known around the world for its heavy concentration of affluence, and the extravagant nature that is often associated with it. Miami is home to events like Miami Swim week, as well at the glitz and glamour that is seen by the numerous boats and yachts along the water. The real estate market is very similar, with luxurious penthouses and waterfront mansions that seem to be reserved for members of high society. Super Luxury Group is aligned with the grandiose nature of its locality, representing some of the best and most expensive properties in the city. They always exceed expectations when it comes to client services, providing impeccable delivery, at a great pace. The founders of SLG are Daniel Tzinker and Alvaro Nuñez Alfaro, they believe in a certain “matchmaking” method when looking at expensive properties, this client-centric approach is what makes SLG one of a kind.

Before forming the Super Luxury Group, Nunez owned a company that specialized in high-end villa rentals and exclusive experiences in the Caribbean. This prior endeavor served SLG well, as many of the customers Nuñez Alfaro worked with began investing in the same real estate deals as SLG. Tzinker was a top producer at one of the biggest brokerages in NYC, and after 7 years decided it was time to open his own company. He has been steadily closing record deals, he recently closed a $26M land deal in Indian Creek, also known as Billionaire Bunker. Tzinker aslo closed properties north of $20M in North Bay Road, as well as numerous penthouse deals in W South Beach, One Paraiso, and Edition. SLG is very familiar with the industry, mainly the luxury market and servicing the needs of the stunningly rich. With over ten years of experience, SLG will be a household name in the luxury real estate space in Miami for years to come.

Nuñez Alfaro and Tzinker have a fruitful partnership because they complement each other very well. Nuñez manages the operations and processes of the business, he is the link between forging relationships with important individuals. Nuñez Alfaro also heads the marketing aspect for SLG’s high-end properties. Tzinker is the closer, presenting the clients with a showing of the property, and negotiating the best possible terms and price for the client.

Photo credit : Super Luxury GroupPhoto credit : Super Luxury Group

SLG mainly targets high-end properties with a beginning price of $5M and up, as their clients are mainly extremely successful entrepreneurs. They understand that working with the upper-class requires a specific approach, SLG’s involvement in every aspect of the deal, as well as their integral knowledge of such a specific market is what separates them from their competition. Their goal in exceeding expectations, and going above and beyond for the satisfaction of the client is of paramount importance to SLG.

What distinguishes SLG from the pack is how well Nuñez Alfaro and Tzinker work together, creating a streamlined method to focus on the needs of a client, and delivering results that are even more favorable than previously expected. Nuñez Alfaro has in-depth marketing knowledge that lets SLG group land monumental deals, and his expertise in social media and other aspects of marketing make SLG superior. They are professionals at advertising luxurious homes, making them distinctly stand out from others, and procuring the best deal possible for a sale. SLG also has a dedicated team in place that guides clients every step of the way- from lawyers who draw up favorable contracts for the client, and accountants who make the deal benefit the client from a tax perspective. The matchmaking aspect of their business is a very unique selling point, as they are able to successfully match a client’s lifestyle with the property that is best suited for their needs.

SLG is also a robust luxury media group, bringing exposure to the high-end properties they list, as well as the individuals they represent. One of the aspects that SLG utilizes to bring such enormous exposure to the luxury market is their podcast, SLG meetups. The podcast focuses on connecting with some of the most interesting players in the luxury market, and sharing the latest trends that are happening. The podcasts focuses on all aspects of the luxury lifestyle, as they interview brands and individuals who are immersed in all aspects of luxury. The podcast discusses the luxury lifestyle, not just focusing on residential homes, but also boats, yachts, and other luxury real estate.

One of the most attractive elements of SLG to the affluent crowd is the substantial media exposure they have at their disposal. They use multiple channels to create such exposure, establishing strong relationships with individuals and brands that are staples in high-end markets. They have trusted relationships with top brokers in every metropolitan city, ranging from: Dubai, Los Angeles, New York City, Aspen, the Hamptons, among many more. They also collaborate with exotic car companies like MPH, social media influencers, developers, architects, among many others in the luxury space. This creates a tremendous amount of brand awareness for their group, ultimately leading to closing deals, and leaving their clients smiling.

SLG stands alone in the luxury market when it comes to great product, access to the best properties, in-depth market analysis and data- combining the vast power of such components to create unparalleled exposure to the luxury markets.

SLG puts a large emphasis on not wasting any time, previewing the property before showing, in order to make sure it is in the same condition as the listing pictures. If they see a client likes to go on boat excursions, they will look for a waterfront property, if they like golf, they will look for a property with a golf course. Everything is done to save the client time and money, while maintaining top-level customer service. With Tzinker and Nuñez Alfaro steering the ship, SLG has become a staple in the Miami housing market.

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