Tel Aviv's Park Bavli - enjoy a real sense of community

  (photo credit: Amit Giron advertising: Vexler&Dayan advertising)
(photo credit: Amit Giron advertising: Vexler&Dayan advertising)

Now that the COVID pandemic is over and tourists are returning to visit Israel, NOW is the time to invest in Israeli real estate - the Bavli Park complex is the perfect place to look into investing in.

The Bavli complex, situated in one of the most prestigious and picturesque areas of Tel Aviv and is THE perfect property projects to live in – for all ages. 

Whether you are a native Israeli or live abroad, if you are looking for a home in Israel, the Bavli Park project would be perfect for you. 

Over 90% residents are Israelis from areas like Savyon and Herzlia Pituach,and native Tel-Aviv residents who love the neighborhoods, whilst 10% are French, English, Canadian, American and Germany. A really interesting mix! 

Both young and old residents of Bavli, can enjoy the local culture and entertainment - frequenting bars, the theatres and museums. For religious residents there are three synagogues opposite Bavli to choose from.  

Close to good kindergartens and schools, Bavli is also the perfect location for young families. The demographic of the inhabitants, is 52% empty nesters and 48% young families. 

The Bavli complex has two stunning towers, comprising of forty-three floors. One building is already occupied and the other has seventy units left to sell – it’s expected that all the units will be sold. 

Each tower is includes 175 units – in a rich variety of apartments at various sizes, duplexes and penthouses. YOU can choose what’s for you and what you are looking for. You can go for the classic or minimalist look – the standards of Bavli are international and are rare to find in Israel.

Bavli have created a really special living environment – an unparalleled sense of connectedness and community - you can build magical connections of friendships and relationships. Dance, cook, laugh, talk, hug, draw, feel loved, jog – share your life with fellow residents and experience life at its best!  

Located walking distance from beautiful Park Hayarkon,Kikar Hamedina, and the heart of cultural events and close to the Ayalon - the complex isn’t just a building, but a community – with children playing, yoga classes, and residents jogging together.

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  (credit: Amit Giron advertising: Vexler&Dayan advertising) (credit: Amit Giron advertising: Vexler&Dayan advertising)

All in front of a breath-taking panoramic sea view, the Bavli complex provides beauty, comfort to the last detail and a real quality of life. All you need to do is listen, look, feel, experience the things that really matter. Bavli Park provides a wonderful mix of quality, design, luxury and warmth.   

Facilities of Bavli include: A gym, sauna & spa; a swimming pool; a 70 acres park; an experienced jamboree; for tenants a shared tower balconies business lounge concierge 24/7; a guard 24/7; Yoga; pilates studio; Vibrant Community and lots of love. The internal design of the apartments are based on the four components of nature – ground, water, fire and air. 

Gal Nauer, the architect and designer of the Bavli complex, tells the Jerusalem Post, “The Park Bavli Project was designed and planned with great sensitivity to its surrounding, the complex is a part of the developing urban scape of Tel Aviv, with a very close proximity to the Park and the green open landscape that is the breathing lungs of the dynamic city. We planned it as an extension to park hayarkon, where the towers rise of a lush green planted landscape, we also carried the green park idea up through the tower making eight sky gardens for the residents to enjoy.

"The idea of the park Bavli complex is not only creating great and vast apartments with beautiful designs but also provide a facility that encourage a community lifestyle and wellbeing.  

“During COVID, residents of Bavli continued to live relatively normally, surrounded by fellow residents. The splendid outdoor facilities meant that people could meet, develop friendships, interact on balconies and the parks, and enjoy the lounges, salons and flex- rooms. 

“Bavli was built in a very high standard by Tidhar construction company, a leader of quality in construction.  The interior design is done to a very high level, providing a palette of materials and finishes selected are of top European brands, that give the resident a beautifully and carefully designed product, yet still acting as a canvas to one’s own style, and nature.

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Credit: Amit Giron advertising: Vexler&Dayan advertisingCredit: Amit Giron advertising: Vexler&Dayan advertising

“At Bavli, you feel sense of community, and be able to make circles of friends -Park Bavli complex is a real community in community," Nauer concludes.

Itai Wexler, Head of Marketing at Bavli, tells the Jerusalem Post, “you can hear the laughter, listen to the birds, look around at the beauty of the amazing scenery, look at the sea – living here you will be able to say life is beautiful and you’ll really feel at home. 

“You just have to walk out and see the building and surrounding to realize the uniqueness of Bavli. For both children and adults alike, Bavli provides limitless opportunities to enjoy the large, outdoor spaces and experience the beauty of the Tel Aviv suburbia.   

“When we were thinking of the design for Bavli, we wanted to create something different which never existed before in Tel Aviv. The peaceful environment in the stunning greenery, makes living in Bavli truly exceptional.  

“The sense of community, tranquil atmosphere and birds singing, gives you a feeling that you are on vacation, even though you are in fact you are living in the midst of a normal working life. 

“Bavli has all the amenities for all the family of top-quality residential living. As well as that you feel that you are part of a community. In the evenings and over the holidays, residents sit together, chat and drink," Wexler concludes.

So, the choice is yours. Come feel, get excited and fall in love, and be impressed by a quality of life on a level you did not know. Bavli have created a special living environment, a wonderful mix of quality, design, luxury and warmth – be part of it! 

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This article was written in cooperation with Bavli Park