The Future of Digital Media is Here – An Interview with Reza Shojaei

 (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)

With a massive shift in online digital ventures in 2020 and 2021, there has been a significant increase in the number of new entrants to the virtual market. However, the question of what differentiates the mice from the men is an important one to look at in this day and age.

How do start-up ventures survive the first few years of operation without having to think of the sink or swim analogy? Well, one man, Reza Shojaei, has taken on a fresh new approach to digital media and his iGaming company, Value Marketing, is a force to be reckoned with.

The company manages two very distinct brands by the names of CasinoTop and Both of these ventures are top brands within the online casino space which expertly dishes out reviews, guides, tips, and advice and filters out the good from the bad in a very smart way. These sites have gained massive traction over the years in just a short space of time, and as a result, have gained the trust of thousands of casino players worldwide. The brands service more than 120 geographical markets which just goes to show how fast and wide the two sites have stretched to reach the masses.

So how does Shojaei do it? Let’s take a look at some of the strategies and goals behind this iGaming mastermind.

A True Visionary

Unlike many, Shojaei has a true passion and is a firm believer in doing things the smart way. This vision has led him to lead up a team of over 20 young and like-minded professionals within the IGaming industry. All of his colleagues have a rich background in iGaming as marketing professionals, developers and designers, writers, creatives, operations management, human resources management and more. Shojaei chooses to work with industry professionals as he feels that experience and knowledge are two key elements to pave the way to success. Over the past few years, Shojaei has managed to make his mark in a competitive industry and continues to do so purely based on a strong mindset and of course a strong arsenal of co-workers.

All The Motivation

Nothing can ever move forward without a great recipe for success and one key element in doing so is the correct motivation.  Reza possesses the right mindset to get things done and this can be seen in how often his brands are being updated with fresh news and relevant information about the market as a whole.  Of course, each of the two brands targets multiple countries and focus on micro niches in specific regions to provide value to each and every reader. Reza is laser focused on staying on top of his game and can often be seen whipping out his laptop at home or at a café when he’s not in the office.

A People’s Person

Having a stellar vision and the right mindset goes hand in hand with being a natural leader. And this is exactly the type of qualities and characteristics that Shojaei has. He has a passion for people and so as a result, he is naturally driven to succeed in helping others. Whether it’s advice on living a healthy lifestyle, investing time and effort in training others, or simply providing honest and valuable information to his readers, Reza seems to have all of these boxes checked off with ease.  

Great Insights

No CEO is ever on top without valuable insights into a specific market. Knowing the ropes of a very competitive and robust market takes hours of sweat and research. Shojaei perfectly understands this and has taken the time to put in all the groundwork. This has resulted in knowing which markets to target, how to market to them and how to exceed expectations.  Thinking out of the box is a term that sits well with Shojaei.

Forward Planning and Forward Thinking

There’s the good old saying “if you build it, it will come”. These are very powerful words to live by and it’s all part and parcel of what gets Shojaei out of bed in the morning.  As with all things good, nothing remains stagnant and Reza lives by this philosophy. He has action plans for his two brands and plans to take them to new heights post 2021 and beyond. Shojaei takes the time to meticulously plan the details on moving forward, not only as a businessman, but as a team player, a visionary, a market leader and a great, yet humble man.

What’s The Plans for and

“We all put in several hours of work per day to ensure that our readers get the best information with regards to the latest updates in the IGaming market, true and honest unbiased reviews, and pro tips and guidance on how to do things in the online casino space. We are continuing to push the envelope in bringing our audiences even more valuable data and information that is relevant in this day and age. It’s about changing the mindset to always put the IGaming community first and providing better and more efficient services with easy access. This is my no means an easy feat, but with our combined passion and dedication, we are on fast track to becoming the most trusted online casino resource on a global scale. We appreciate the support of our readers and cannot move forward without their readership and for this, we are all sincerely grateful.”

A Day in the Life of Reza Shojaei

So we asked Mr. Shojaei to take the time to write up a few words on an average day in his life. This is what he has to say.

“I wake up at 5 AM like clockwork and then commence with some morning stretches. After a good workout at home, I tend to my dog Bofflee’s needs. I dedicate my time to him in the morning as he has been a good pal to me over the years. Like the saying goes, a dog is man’s best friend, right? I then move onto checking my emails and open several dashboards to check the status of our projects. This has become a habit over the years and brings a smile on my face when we’re going in the right direction to create a revolution in the iGaming industry. Other than that, I’ll head on over to the office which is just a few kilometers away from home and it’s truly convenient. I like to lessen my carbon footprint in small, but meaningful ways and will take a cycle or walk to work at times. Before I head out though, I ensure that Bofflee is well taken care of in capable hands. 

Once I get to the office, I’ll have the usual tea, water of coffee at times and make sure to check in with everyone with a greet and meet.  This ensures a great start to my working day and sets off the right karma in the office. At my desk I’ll re-open all dashboards and essential tools to keep track of what’s important. We often have mid morning meetings on the way forward for the day and week and then we’ll get into a strategy session to know everyone’s thoughts on key objectives and goals. Many of our meetings deal with “what’s best for our readers” and “providing value” to our target audiences. We then align everything to meet and exceed these with the help of our dedicated staff.  Our team is absolutely focused on conducting business more efficiently and proving we can show leadership in a tightly regulated and competitive market. After our meeting has adjourned, I’ll give Bofflee’s caretaker a quick call to check if he’s alright. At about lunchtime, we’d often unpack our snacks and meals in the kitchen where we share amongst each other as a team. What’s in our lunchboxes? Fruits, veg, lean meats, protein, and lots of fresh water. Some of us knock off at about 5 or 6 PM and I’d stay till about 7 or 8 PM on most nights. When everything is wrapped up at the office, I head home to unwind to some YouTube channels on racing events and car show and shines. Of course, Bofflee accompanies me while we enjoy a hearty supper. Before I call it a night, I’d check my emails, Skype, and dashboards again to see what the way forward is in the morning.“

Professional Background

Reza Shojaei has a solid background in business management, investments, marketing and law and has studied at the University of Oslo and Oslo Metropolitan University. While Shojaei’s mother tongue is English, he is quite fluent in Norwegian and Persian, and of course, speaking the language of the internet. Shojaei’s impressive educational background gives him some great insights into what works for a multitude of demographics such as age, gender, interests and location, and he definitely puts his knowledge to work. Apart from this, Reza has over 15 years of experience as a professional editor, which just further enriches his repertoire.