The Globetrotter | Jamie Koufos on how travel opens new horizons and enriches your experience

  (photo credit:  Jamie Koufus)
(photo credit: Jamie Koufus)

Traveling is a great experience that uniquely exposes people to new realities. Travel is a source of joy that stretches far beyond the memories and photos you take home. According to Jamie Koufos, traveling opens up new horizons and creates a mental shift within you that promotes personal growth. The world is meant to be explored, learn new cultures, interact with different people and gain a new understanding of the planet.

When you are traveling, you find that it broadens your horizons by enriching your knowledge of yourself and the world around you. Jamie Koufos explains that well-travelled people have a broader world view than those who have remained in the same place all their lives. Travel is a way to enrich yourself that you cannot achieve any other way. Jamie Koufos states that it helps enrich their knowledge pool and challenge their limitations.

Benefits of being a globetrotter

According to Jamie Koufos, there are many benefits of travel, some of which have already been discussed above. Others include:

Boosts confidence

Traveling to different parts of the world strengthens your confidence, making it possible for you to address challenges better. Jamie Koufos says that it also helps you learn how to interact with people.

Attain newer heights

People often put limitations on themselves, believing that they cannot pass certain thresholds. However, travel shows you that you can unlock your potential; discover new hobbies, passions, and dreams.


The world is very interconnected, especially due to the ongoing digital transformation. Jamie Koufos points out that networking is possible through travel as you get to meet interesting people from all walks of life and various occupations. You can meet professionals you partner with during your travels to push your passion forward.

Explore More

New places, new cultures, new languages, and so much more. Only through travel do you get to experience the abundance of the world and humanity.

There are so many benefits of traveling, even if you are just doing small-scale local travel. Jamie Koufos explains that everyone should jump at the opportunity to explore new places and get out of their comfort zone. One thing that keeps people from succeeding is getting too comfortable where they are. Travel continuously challenges you, throwing you out of your comfort zone and leaving you to navigate new worlds and experiences. This, according to Jamie Koufos, is crucial for self-growth and success.

How does travel stimulate self-growth?

Real-life education

Travel is one of the most outstanding teachers you will ever have. Jamie Koufos says that the difference between studying locations on a map or screen and experiencing them is very apparent. Travel is a pure form of education that immerses you in situations and lets you feel your way.

Turns challenges into opportunities

While it might sound like an easy thing to do, travel is far from it. There are many things to consider: accommodation, costs, language, navigating public transport and weather, etc. Jamie Koufos explains that some of the things that make traveling beautiful can also be very difficult. However, these new challenges offer rewarding benefits once you figure them out. It is an opportunity to grow as a person.

Betters your communication

Being accustomed to one way of life can be a challenge that limits your perspective and communication skills. Jamie Koufos explains that technology is making the world one big community where people can connect, and therefore, traveling helps you sharpen your communication skills. Different parts of the world communicate differently and have various communication hierarchies. This broadens your perspective and makes you more aware of communication's role in human relationships.

Better connection with yourself and others

According to Jamie Koufos, people who don't travel are a bit "sheltered" from themselves and others. This means that all they know is a small section of this big world. Travel helps you unlock and address your subconscious biases, things about yourself that you lock away, and more. Encountering new people and exploring new places can teach you more about yourself and strengthen your personal growth and development.

Makes you adaptable

In a fast-paced world like today, adaptability and flexibility are some crucial skills to possess. According to Jamie Koufos, travel can make you more adaptable. This is because you are constantly in situations that you are not accustomed to, which means you need to adapt to thrive. Take, for instance, traveling to a snow-laden destination when all you have known is summer.

Take home

The world has many travellers and thrill-seekers who document the joys of travel. Unfortunately, most people tend to live vicariously through these individuals because they can't afford to travel, are afraid of change, or have a myriad of other reasons. Jamie Koufos points out traveling is one of the best things anyone can do in their lifetime. If you haven't started, it's never too late, now is as good a time as any.

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