The Hebrew University of Jerusalem pairs international students with families for the Seder Dinner

  (photo credit: PR)
(photo credit: PR)

Jerusalem, Israel - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem's International Welcome Center is pleased to announce the launch of the annual program that celebrates diversity and inclusivity during the Passover holiday. The initiative invites international students to participate in a traditional Passover Seder dinner with HUJI families, promoting cultural exchange and understanding between different communities. 

The annual program has received an overwhelmingly positive response from international students at the university, who are eager to experience the traditions and customs of Passover. The International Welcome Center has partnered with families of HUJI employees, who have volunteered to host the international students and share their Passover traditions and stories. 

Maria from Argentina, an international student who will participate in the program this year, said: "I’m so grateful to be invited to a local family's Seder dinner. It will be such a unique and meaningful experience for me to learn about Passover traditions and the culture of Israel. I feel welcomed and included, and it makes me appreciate the warmth and hospitality of the Israeli people."

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Credit: PRCredit: PR

Ms. Yafit Sherer, the Vice Provost of Rothberg International school, said, "The Passover Seder dinner program is one of many opportunities our International Welcome Center offers to our international students, to engage with Israeli culture and traditions. It also allows our local families to connect with students from around the world and learn from their diverse experiences. We hope that this program will continue to promote intercultural dialogue and understanding." 

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is committed to fostering an inclusive and welcoming community for all its students, regardless of their background. The Passover Seder dinner program is just one of the many initiatives that the university has launched to promote diversity and cultural exchange. 

For more information about the Passover Seder dinner program or other Students Life Department initiatives, please visit the Hebrew University of Jerusalem's website. 


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