The Investination Platform launch has investor’s eyes glued to Israeli innovation

InvestiNation, a Besadno Group Company, is an equity crowdfunding platform, bringing the best of the Startup Nation to investors whose goals include supporting innovative Israeli ventures.

 (photo credit: INVESTINATION)
(photo credit: INVESTINATION)
InvestiNation, a Besadno Group Company, is an equity crowdfunding platform with a difference, bringing the best of the Startup Nation to investors whose goals include supporting innovative Israeli ventures. 
As an investor looking for your next lucrative investment, Investination will allow you to gain early access to promising Israeli startups in the most exciting technological fields. The InvestiNation team has developed deep domain expertise and insight across Israel’s strongest sectors and industries. 
Investination’s CEO Oded Eliashiv. (photo credit: INVESTINATION)
"Investing in startups is like a puzzle - so many pieces must fall into place if you are to ensure you will make a good return on your investment”, explains Oded Eliashiv, managing partner of Investination. "We created InvestiNation, a Besadno Group Company,  in order to help investors make that happen. We don’t believe in waiting for results, we believe in creating results. By leveraging the BESADNO expertise and networks, InvestiNation utilizes several tools to assist its ventures in reaching their full potential. We take an active role in developing and implementing each company’s business strategy and go-to-market plan. To make good investments you not only have to know how to spot a promising innovation in the first place, you also have to know how to identify a founder and team that have the necessary qualities to drive success. Entrepreneurship is a long, hard road. Our goal is to take much of the guess-work out of the equation and give investors peace of mind knowing that if a company is on our site, it’s a good one!” Eliashiv explains.  
"We select only those companies that our team - all of whom are experts in their own right - believe in. We don’t leave things to chance but actively guide the companies we invest in all the way from a seed stage company right up to becoming a successful start-up entering the North American Market. With a combined 100+ years of experience as entrepreneurs and in top executive roles, InvestiNation’s founders have the skills and the know-how to do this. We also invest alongside you so you can see how truly committed we are to these companies."
The goal of InvestiNation is to take some of the pressure off of investors when it comes to making investment decisions. They have an established presence in both Israel and the US and use their extensive networks to make things happen faster. 
"With the InvestiNation platform, we can put a company we believe in before a large audience of investors all in one shot. Think of us as super-connectors. We help bridge the company with the North American market with our “feet on the ground” amazing team and network. We act as a bridge between investors looking for new opportunities and who otherwise would not have access to such a variety of new companies, and rising stars in the Israeli start-up scene whose ventures have tremendous potential but who may not have the right connections to secure all of the necessary funding”.
Eliashiv goes on to explain that the platform’s launch comes at a very unique time too. "We are living in an exceptional time right now where we are democratizing exceptional investment opportunities in amazing and ground breaking startups from Israel. This is the first time in the history where your investments alongside our vetted portfolio enable you to have a direct impact on our way of living and enables business continuity and an enhanced quality of life during these challenging Covid 19 times.”.  
Via the InvestiNation platform, all this innovation is just a click away, offering investors a unique opportunity to profit from this flourishing market. 
Together, we can help bring the light of the Startup Nation to the world! Check out the amazing solutions these entrepreneurs are bringing to help us all in 2020.
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